100% Argan Oil. Which One is the Best?

Because argan oil became an essential in our beauty routine, cosmetics makers keep launching new products, and we start wondering which argan oil is actually the best and which one makes the best choice for beauty purposes. Here’s a cheat sheet.

The popularity of argan oil is no longer surprising. This is the most thoroughly tested natural ingredient and we know it all about its benefits and properties. It’s a source of over 100 beneficial nutrients provided that it’s cold-pressed, unrefined and pure.

Components of argan oil

Essential unsaturated fatty acids are actually the biggest part of argan oil. These are omega-3 and omega-6 acids. The oil is really high in them so each drop of argan oil can reinforce the skin’s hydro-lipid mantle.

Apart from the fatty acids, argan oil is rich in phytosterols, vitamins and minerals which enrich the simple-looking argan oil with the wonderful conditioning power. Vitamin E (labeled the vitamin of youth) is the most important and its concentration is really high for a great rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. On top of that, argan oil protects against UV because it contains natural ingredients shielding against the sun e.g. butyrospermum.

The content of all of these substances makes argan oil a really effective and natural beauty product.

What does argan oil do?

It works great both for the hair and skin: on the body, face or around the nails (to soften and prevent dry cuticles). There are tons of different uses, which is possible thanks to the effect that argan oil produces:

  • it prevents loss of water and maintains hydration.
  • it shields against UV radiation.
  • it has antioxidant properties, fighting free radicals.
  • it deeply nourishes, revitalizes and strengthens.
  • it restores natural, healthy shine.
  • it softens, smoothes, and boosts elasticity.


Only high-quality argan oils boast the biggest potential as far as beauty goes. This largely depends on the method of extraction (cold-pressing or hot-pressing), the origin (original argan oil is from Morocco), and content of needless additives. Devil is in the detail. We figured which argan oil is best and which ones are noteworthy.


The first position is taken by 100% organic, cold-pressed and unrefined argan oil from Nanoil, a brand recognized for natural beauty solutions. This fancy-looking product is designed for face, body, hair, and even nail care, and the bottle holds nothing but argan nut oil with the Ecocert mark proving its naturalness. It has a subtle aroma, delicate goldish colour and is perfectly absorbed by skin and hair, not leaving the greasy film. It can be used by vegans as it hasn’t been tested on animals.

On top of that, Nanoil Argan Oil is multi-purpose. It can be used during daily routine as a revitalizing face serum or hair-repair oil. You can also enrich your beauty products with argan oil to boost their nourishing effect. Try OCM (oil cleansing method) with argan oil, use it as a nail conditioner or natural hair serum. There seem to be endless uses for Nanoil Argan Oil because it’s the richest source of nutrients to nourish, strengthen, protect, repair, revitalize and rejuvenate.

More info at www.nanoil.us


Gold Professional Haircare is a Danish brand which is popular among professionals. The offer includes natural argan oil in an elegant, black tube which doesn’t look like other oils. It’s designed for hairstyling and heat protection so it’s best to use it on wet hair. Put in dry hair, it may weigh strands down. Surprisingly, the brand claims the oil is not greasy. How is this possible? It hasn’t been explained.

Gold Argan Oil is a vegan formulation which perfectly complements other products from Gold Styling & Heat. This means the oil isn’t sufficient. Still, it repairs, nourishes and improves hydration whenever hair needs water replenishment. Gold Argan Oil is dedicated to colour-treated, sensitive, damaged hair. It’s strange the product isn’t intended for body or face care. After all, it is natural and quite pricey.


100% argan oil by Timeless Skin Care is another popular oil. This cold-pressed argan oil is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants. Everything that quality argan oil should contain. Timeless Skin Care Oil is made for dry, aging skins (with first signs of passing time like wrinkles). A small, frosted glass bottle with white dropper and etiquette houses some goldish oil without any unnecessary substances.

Because it is free from synthetics, Timeless Argan Oil works well in daily beauty routine as a multi-purpose cosmetic from mother nature. The manufacturer recommends using it on the skin but you can try it on the hair as it prevents loss of water, nourishes and revives. Of course effects take some time to appear because Timeless Argan Oil must be absorbed and work from within.


A quite popular argan oil is offered by a hairdresser’s brand CHI, Farouk System. Unfortunately, the product name is misleading because it is not pure argan oil. It’s a blend of oils. Obviously argan oil comes in large amounts but it’s mixed with moringa oil, vitamin E and silk. Too bad the formula also contains silicones and aromas so CHI Argan Oil isn’t a good choice if you’re searching for pure Moroccan oil.

The product is designed for protecting and beautifying the hair. It prevents heat damage (mostly thanks to the heat protective effect of argan oil) but it also nourishes, smoothes out and adds shine. CHI Argan Oil is available in two size versions: the bigger one comes with a convenient pump applicator for easier application. Sadly, you cannot use it on the face or body skin because of additional substances in the formula.


The last product has been launched by a slightly less-known brand which specializes in semi-finished cosmetic products and, naturally, they offer a cold-pressed, scent-free argan oil. Thanks to the lack of scent, it is a good pick for people who don’t like the nut aroma of natural argan oil. It is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used without mixing with other oils or products.

Ecospa Argan Oil can be used solo as a face-care oil, bath oil, massage oil or hair oil. You can also add it to other cosmetics or treat it as a base for your DIY beauty products because it’s a semi-finished product. Thanks to antiaging effect, it smoothes face lines and prevents new ones, plumps skin up and boosts elasticity. At the same time, it repairs, smoothes and beautifies, working as a natural and strongly-nourishing cosmetic.