5 Eyebrow Serums That Really Work [Reviews]

Looking for the easiest way to give your brows a thicker look without the help of a specialist? You need an effective eyebrow conditioner to apply regularly on your eyebrows! Our ranking of the best eyebrow serums should help you choose the right product that will surprise you with its effects. Thanks to this product, your eyebrows will look beautiful and healthy. 

best brow serum ranking

Any woman who does not like to spend too much time on brow care should make sure that a good eyebrow serum finds its place in her makeup bag. It only takes a few moments to apply the product on the eyebrows, and the results are worth it!

But how to choose the right product that will actually positively impact the condition of the eyebrows and make them look much better than before? What eyebrow serum is best for sensitive skin? And which serum works for eyebrows weakened by beauty treatments?  

If you’re asking yourself these questions, we have something for you that should put a smile on your face.

We present a ranking of the best eyebrow serums which ensure the results you want.

Take a look at it and choose an eyebrow growth serum that gets good reviews from other women.


#1 Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

What makes this eyebrow growth serum special?


It works from the very first use. It is suitable for any type of eyebrows. It is non-irritating and is easy to use.

The recommended serum for eyebrow growth protects brow hairs from damage, strengthens them, and makes the problem of eyebrow hair loss just a memory. It thickens, darkens, and nourishes the eyebrows.


The eyebrow serum quickly stimulates their growth. It makes eyebrows look fuller and become twice as thick after just one month of using this recommended brow serum.


The eyebrow serum has a safe formula, rich in natural ingredients like soybean and wheat germ extract, ginseng root, and Baikal Thyroid extract. In addition, the formula is enriched with arginine, panthenol, and valuable peptides.


The product works gently on the skin around the eyes, does not irritate it, and is really easy to apply. It comes with a convenient, precise brush that reaches even the smallest eyebrow hairs.

The eyebrow serum improves the appearance and color of the arches, and does not leave residue or clumps.

You should get yourself the Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum if…

best eyebrow growth serum
  • you want maximum thickening and volumizing effects
  • you want to take care of your eyebrows like a pro
  • you want your eyebrow hair to be deeply nourished and strong anytime
  • you come up against brows falling out in excess
  • you have naturally thin and sparse eyebrows or they’re ruined from some treatments
  • you want a safe formula
  • you want wow results in the shortest time

#2 RevitaBrow 

What makes this eyebrow growth conditioner special?


Another effective eyebrow conditioner that makes brow hairs more flexible and expressive. The eyebrow serum can visually thicken eyebrows and improve their condition.


Its gentle formula is non-irritating and safe. The eyebrow conditioner was created and tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.


The recommended eyebrow serum is rich in lipids, peptides, and panthenol, i.e. designed to provide adequate hydration to the eyebrows and regenerate them.


The product is animal-friendly and suitable for vegans. It does not contain oils, BHT. or gluten.


With this eyebrow conditioner, your eyebrows will become resistant to breakage and hair loss. The eyebrow serum softens the brows and makes them easier to shape. To apply it, you only need a few strokes with the handy applicator.

You should get yourself the RevitaBrow Advanced if…

  • you want to moisturize or slightly thicken your eyebrows
  • you care about the product’s formula
  • you’re looking for a brow serum to make brows stop breaking or falling out

3. RapidBrow

What makes this recommended eyebrow serum special?


A serum that visually thickens the eyebrows. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes them. Thanks to it, you can get rid of the problem of thin and irregular eyebrows, difficult to style, and instead enjoy your fuller eyebrows. You have to wait about 60 days for the effects.


This is an eyebrow conditioner with a safe formula, which contains among others, keratin, sweet almond extract, as well as polypeptides.


The product comes with a convenient brush that allows you to apply the product thoroughly. The application doesn’t take long and even a novice woman can certainly handle it.

You should get RapidBrow eyebrow serum if:

  • you have unruly and unmanageable brows
  • you care about a safe formula
  • you want to fill in your eyebrows
  • you are looking for something efficient

4. GrandeBROW Enhancing Serum

What makes this recommended eyebrow serum special?


This eyebrow serum nourishes every hair, even the smallest, and deals with the problem of unwanted gaps. It gives the effect of fuller and thicker eyebrows. The product makes eyebrows healthier and gives them a nice shine.


The formula of this serum contains precious vitamins, amino acids, as well as antioxidants, which ensure strengthened eyebrows that fall out less. Thanks to the nourishing ingredients, you can count on a quick improvement in the condition of your eyebrows and better results in your daily makeup.


The product is easy to use and spreads well on the eyebrows. The handy applicator will make it easy to apply the eyebrow conditioner and ensure take just a few moments.

You should get GrandeBROW Enhancing Serum if:

  • you care about the quick application
  • you want to get rid of unwanted sparse areas
  • you pay attention to the formula
  • you like your eyebrows to be shiny and look healthy

5. Librow Purified Eyebrow Serum

What makes this eyebrow growth serum special?


The eyebrow conditioner slightly thickens the eyebrows and makes them darker – so there’s no need for additional defining them. It also shows anti-aging properties and strengthens the eyebrows. It is suitable for all types of eyebrows, including damaged ones, for example, as a result of beauty treatments.


The product has a pleasant formula that does not overburden the eyebrows and lasts for a long time. In addition, it is worth noting that it is a fragrance-free and transparent product. This eyebrow conditioner’s applicator is a handy brush.


The composition of this eyebrow conditioner includes valuable ingredients in brow care, such as biotin, castor oil, and walnut leaf extract.

You should reach for Librow Purified Eyebrow Serum serum if:

  • you don’t particularly care about thickening your eyebrows, but instead would like to moisturize them well
  • you are looking for an efficient product
  • you care that the beauty products you use have a pleasant consistency
  • you want to improve the appearance of your arches

Does any of the recommended eyebrow serums meet your requirements? Certainly yes! Choose an effective eyebrow serum and feel the power of natural ingredients!

A good eyebrow conditioner with a safe formula can make your brow hairs thick and strong, no matter what condition they are in now.