Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions – The Perfect Solution For Short And Weak Eyelashes!

cluster lashes

Regular use of eyelash serums is necessary to keep your lashes long and thick. Unfortunately, this comes at a staggering price, and not everyone can afford frequent visits to the beautician. That’s when DIY lash extensions come to the rescue and now you can easily apply them at home yourself at home for a fracture of the cost.

What makes DIY lash extensions special?

Cluster lashes for self-application at home are a convenient solution that significantly increases the comfort of everyday life. It allows you to boost your beauty at any time, without having to take time off work. Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions feature, first of all:

  • lightweight cluster lashes that are completely inconspicuous;
  • high-quality products that are resistant to deformation;
  • long-lasting lash styling clusters that, in our opinion, can be used for up to a week.

The numerous advantages of these self-application cluster lashes make them gain new fans all over the world every day. No wonder – after all, it’s a simple way to enhance any woman’s beauty. It’s also a great solution for any problems regarding your self-confidence.

cluster lashes

DIY lash extensions – how to apply cluster lashes at home?

How to apply your false lashes at home? This is a common question asked by ladies inexperienced in at-home lash extensions. In this case, a complete kit for lash extensions at home may be the best idea. It contains an extremely durable bonder and a sealer that increases the resilience of the clusters.

In addition, the kit is also equipped in a special applicator, which makes it much easier to precisely apply the cluster lashes. Also, the kit comes with a special remover which is used to gently take the lash extensions out when needed. If you fancy trying DIY lash extensions, this kit is the best solution as it contains all the products you need for this procedure.

Detailed instructions will explain exactly how to apply the cluster lashes at home. All you need to do is apply the bonder, and after about 30 seconds start applying the clusters. The special applicator, which comes with the kit, proves to be helpful at this stage. Finally, use the sealer, which removes the stickiness from the lashes.

How long do DIY lash extensions from Nanolash last?

Women often wonder how long ready-to-apply cluster lashes last. You need about 5 lash clusters for one application. Therefore, it seems like the whole box is enough for about 4 applications. However, contrary to popular belief, these lashes are not disposable. To use them confidently for a longer period, you should:

  • ditch all oil-based cosmetics;
  • thoroughly but gently cleanse your face and eye area at the end of the day;
  • remove all kinds of debris from the lashes.

Removing DIY eyelash extensions from Nanolash for the night is not necessary if you follow the rules mentioned above. It is also recommended to avoid sleeping on your stomach, which could negatively affect the quality of the lashes. With proper care, the effect can last up to 5 days.

cluster lashes

Is it worth trying at-home lash extensions?

Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions are definitely among the best lash clusters available on the beauty market. With their help, you get an extremely natural effect of beautifully defined eyes. This makes these last styling clusters perfect and extremely easy to use daily. They completely do not interfere with your chores, as they are lightweight and practically imperceptible.

Easy lash extensions at home are something Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions can ensure. Thanks to these cluster lashes, absolutely anyone can enhance their beauty for a little money. Skills are not important in this case, as the application of the lashes is really trivial.