Lash Lift and Lamination at Home – Ranking of Selected Kits

Curled, visibly longer, and thicker eyelashes are every woman’s dream. Eyelash lift and lamination are most often associated with treatments in professional beauty salons, but thanks to advances in technology, they can now be performed at home. Buying products for this task is very easy – in fact, so is the method itself. Our ranking answers the most common questions and presents the most popular lash lift and lamination kits. 

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What are lash lift and lamination?

The method known for generations is gaining fans all over again. In the past, the treatment known as a lash perm was one of the dreams and goals of young girls. Now this trend is back in style again. All because of celebrities who opt for a natural look and choose to care for their lashes on their own hair.

A lash lift involves curling the natural eyelashes. This method thickens the lashes and makes them look visually longer. However, the effects are still very natural. This is owing to the fact that the entire process is carried out only on natural eyelashes.

Lamination is a simple and non-invasive treatment that ensures lifted eyelashes for many weeks. The eyelash color becomes deeper and more defined. The nourishing ingredients contained in the products further nourish and strengthen the eyelashes.

Lash lift at home? Yes!

Lash lift is aimed at making the lashes lifted, curled and thicker as much as possible. This can be done using false lashes, but if someone is not sure about this method, then the lash lift and lamination is the best option.

Both treatments – which should always go hand in hand – can, of course, be performed in a beauty salon. However, nothing prevents you from doing them at home, becoming your own personal eyelash artist. This solution not only saves time, which is very precious nowadays, but also money, since most sets provide several lash laminations for one price.

Choosing a specific set ensures that you receive all the necessary tools and accessories. With them, carrying out the lash lift and lamination will be a piece of cake.

How to choose the best eyelash lift and lamination kit?

There are plenty of professional lash lift kits available on the market today, making it challenging to decide which one to choose. A key factor to consider before making the purchase is to read the reviews of previous users and pay attention to the brand’s reputation. The reviews should have the biggest influence on the decision, especially when they are backed up by photos of the effects, which provide a realistic insight into the capabilities of a given kit.

In addition to reviews, it is also important to pay attention to the formulas and origins of the ingredients used in the kit. Product safety is a key element, so it is always worth checking that they are safe for the skin and eyes. If in doubt, it is recommended to consult a professional. 

Eyelash lift and lamination kits – ranking

A well-selected lash lift kit, based on reliable reviews and safe ingredients, can provide satisfactory results in the comfort of your home. Here are some interesting suggestions.

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

nanolash the best lash lift kit

Nanolash is a professional and renowned brand on the market that specializes in eyelash care products and accessories. The Lash Lift Kit is the ideal set for women who expect a comprehensive kit that will allow them to perform the lash lift and lamination quickly and easily, achieving 100% results. It includes all the necessary accessories for both treatments.

This professional lash lift and lamination set for DIY application at home can be used at any time of the day. It is the perfect way to enhance your makeup to add confidence to everyday life and for special occasions. The manufacturer ensures spectacular results and their durability for up to 8 weeks!

The kit for DIY lash lamination provides up to 10 applications. The set includes silicone rods, which can be trimmed according to your preferences, as well as the necessary products for shaping the eyelashes, including a keratin booster, which instantly nourishes the lashes and gives them dazzling shine.

The stylishly-packaged cardboard box also includes lash lift glue, 10 sachets of activator, 10 sachets of neutralizer, and 10 sachets of the previously mentioned keratin booster. There are also 3 pairs of silicone rods and 3 lash combs inside.

The price is another advantage of the kit, apart from its contents. You receive not only a great and professional product like those from a beauty salon, but also a guarantee of a spectacular and nourished gaze.

2. Elleebana Lash Lift – lash lift starter kit

The first and main difference between this kit and the one from Nanolash is its price. It is much more expensive, but it includes a higher number of products, which also increases the number of possible applications. Therefore, it is worth considering how many times the lamination will be repeated.

Each product, especially those designed to be applied close to the eye, has a specific expiration date that must be strictly followed. The kit will certainly work well in beauty salons, where such lash lifts are carried out several times a week. At home, it may not be feasible.

The whole set provides from 15 to even 60 applications. An interesting feature of this product is that the manufacturer claims that, following the lash lift, you can confidently take a bath or come into contact with water, while most specialists advise that for the first 24 hours after the treatment, you should avoid swimming pools, saunas, and all places with water.

In addition to the traditional adhesive, applicators, and silicone rods, the set includes 15 pairs of activator in sachets and the same number of sachets with neutralizer. This is ideal for determined women who are sure that their adventure with lash lamination will not end after a few times.

3. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

Another kit comes in a tasteful and feminine beauty bag, which can be used for other purposes after all the products have been used. The entire process of applying the products takes just 13 minutes, and the results last up to 6 weeks. Clearly lifted and curled lashes that look natural and are visibly thicker.

The kit comes with silicone rods, which, as the manufacturer promises, can – with proper care – be used up to 100 times! The activators and neutralizers are enclosed in tubes, and additionally, the set includes two mini cosmetic bowls and two brushes with fine bristles.

This set will be suitable for women who are looking for a subtle yet noticeable effect. In addition, the manufacturer also provides a tint that can be used to give lashes a deeper color. This gives the eyes a distinct depth.

4. Thuya eyelash lift kit

With this eyelash lift and lamination kit, you receive, among other things, a permanent gel that can also be used to style eyebrows. This is an excellent option that not only saves time styling them at a beauty salon, but also avoids the associated unnecessary expenses. These days, 2-in-1 products are becoming increasingly popular.

The effects are visible from 6 to 8 weeks on the eyelashes. They are lifted and do not clump together.

The kit’s contents are practically no different from those described above. Along with the gel, the kit includes glue, wooden picks, a small comb, a creamy neutralizer, and 10 silicone rods, which can also be trimmed to your liking. An interesting fact is that the lifting glue has a pleasant bubble gum smell and is latex-free.

5. MIYA LASH Keratin Lift Kit

This kit from MIYA is a great product for women who are still hesitant and wondering if lash lamination is right for them. The effects are gentle and subtle, and the whole process is simple and easy.

Even after the first lamination, the eyelashes are lifted, visibly thicker and look longer. The keratin included in the kit – as in the other sets – is the main ingredient that works on the lashes from base to tips.

The kit also includes standard glue, cleanser, conditioning serum, fixing lotion, brushes of different shapes and traditional silicone rods. These can be trimmed and adjusted to the eyelid shape as desired.

6. Brow lamination and lash lift set – Protein Reconstruction System ZOLA

Finally, a kit that is completely different from the others. There are no rods, no sachets with activators just… three tubes with numbers from 1 to 3 indicating which products to use and in which order. This is probably the most minimalist, and therefore the most intriguing set on the market.

You can style not only your eyelashes, but also your eyebrows using this set. However, the manufacturer does not state how long the effects last. Instead, there is information that, following the lamination, the brittleness of the lashes is significantly reduced, and that they are 20% more resistant to external factors.

One treatments, many kits

Choosing the right lash lamination kit is not an easy task, especially given the variety of products available on the market. It is crucial to be precise about the expected results.

It can be useful to familiarize yourself with other people’s experiences. It’s worth doing this before making a decision, as user reviews often make a convincing argument for a particular kit.

It is also worth considering the durability of the effects and assessing how many applications the products will be enough for. When choosing the kit, it is also important to learn about the origins of the ingredients used in the formulas and analyze them carefully.

Most kits for DIY lash lift and lamination ensure quick and easy application, and the results achieved are comparable to those obtained at professional beauty salons.