Face-Care Game-Changer: Choose the Best Vitamin C Serum!

If we were asked to point out to a substance that is able to solve nearly every skin problem, it would be vitamin C, that’s for sure. It brightens and nourishes the skin, evens out its tone and delays aging, plus it cures acne and wipes off all kinds of pigmentation marks. Actually, vitamin C turns out to be inseparable if you want your daily skin-care routine to be effective. You just need to choose its best stable form. So, see the best face serums feat. vitamin C and pick a product that brings out your natural beauty.

An effective vitamin C-spiked serum:

  • holds the best stable version of vitamin C
  • is made up of just a few essential ingredients
  • is lightweight and fully absorbed
  • doesn’t pill up or leave a sticky layer

Skin benefits of vitamin C

If you choose a good form of vitamin C, you can expect:

  • brighter skin and reduced hyperpigmentation.
  • even skin tone.
  • improved skin elasticity and face shape.
  • smoother face lines.
  • end to acne and other blemishes.
  • protection against pollution.
  • balanced pH.

The best vitamin C-rich skin-care products

1. Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum 50 ml

Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum 50 ml

Age: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

Best for: any skin type, including acne, aging, tired, congested skins, first face lines, spots, scars

Smooth, rested, radiant face free from blemishes, sun spots and post-acne marks – this isn’t a dream, this is real. You can achieve that thanks to Nanoil. This face serum is selling out because it produces great effects and gives you the skin care you desire.

It lasts long, ensures easy application, fully penetrates the epidermis and contains the best form of vitamin C. The manufacturers used ethyl ascorbic acid because it’s stable and doesn’t break down before getting into the skin. The Nanoil Vitamin C equals innovative skin care based on vitamins and uncovers the secret to FLAWLESS skin. See it for yourself!

Enter the official website – nanoil.us

2. Colway International Double C Glow Skin Drops 30 ml

Age: 30s, 40s, 50s

Best for: any skin type, including congested skin in the city, pigmentation spots, wrinkles

This serum reduces hyperpigmentation and makes wrinkles less noticeable, leaves the face rested-looking and healthy, boosts the energy, illuminates, stimulates the repair and activates the synthesis of collagen. It features a stable form of vitamin C yet it’s pricey. This exclusive product is enriched with plant extracts (e.g. kakadu plum extract), squalane and plan-derived bioflavonoid.

It’s ideal for dry skin because it also includes macadamia nut oil which prevents dryness and irritations, and staves off face wrinkles.

3. Clochee Antioxidant Oil Serum with Vitamin C 30 ml

Age: 30s, 40s, 50s

Best for: sallow, dull-looking skin, loss of plumpness, first signs of aging, couperose skin

The Clochee Vitamin C has antioxidant properties. It synthesizes collagen and holds up the skin aging process. Vitamin C improves the skin’s elasticity and strengthens the capillaries. This oil-serum doesn’t work well for oily skin but it makes a perfect match with dry and aging skin. It delays the appearance of wrinkles, repairs and smoothes the skin. What’s more, the Clochee Serum alleviates seriou skin irritations that are common if your skin is dry and sensitive.


Age: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

Best for: any skin type, including combination skin, pigmentation spots, dull-looking face

The Sesderma Vitamin C Serum contains the stable form of vitamin C (3-0 ethyl ascorbic acid). It improves the skin and evens out its tone, adding elasticity at the same time. It doesn’t work for sensitive skin because it contains dehydrating alcohols and PEG but it surely plumps the face. The Sesderma C-VIT is recommended as a preventive treatment to delay the negative effect of photoaging.

The Sesderma Serum is enriched with ginkgo and white mulberry extract. Too bad castor oil included in the formula may have a comedogenic effect on the skin. Be careful because it contains some alcohols so you may actually end up with drier skin.

5. The Ordinary Serum Vitamin C 12% Serum 30 ml

Age: 20s, 30s, 40s

Best for: any skin type, including combination, oily, dull skins, pigmentation marks

Unfortunately this serum holds a synthetic form of vitamin C known as Ascorbyl Glucoside. Nevertheless, it deals with young skin pretty well, helps treat different forms of acne and aids in getting rid of all post-acne “souvenirs”. It’s a good lightweight summertime serum. The Ordinary Vitamin C Serum is recommended for any skin and age – both as a preventive antiaging treatment and age-spot remover.


Age: 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

Best for: any skin type, including combination and oily skins, pigmentation marks, lack of radiance, first face lines

Basiclab is a pro serum with 15% vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), 1% vitamin E and 0,5% ferulic acid. Using this product we receive antioxidant protection, moisture boost and radiance. Vitamin C in the Basiclab Serum stimulates the production of new elastin fibers and keeps them safe from damage.

The product abounds in hydrating hyaluronic acid which is ideal for any type of skin and age. It moisturizes through binding water molecules. Also, the serum contains ferulic acid which stabilizes vitamin C and E and prevents inflammation. Because the Basiclab Serum is based on a blend of vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid, it ensures a powerful shield against the free radicals that cause aging.