7 Big Skincare Questions

Sometimes you must be wondering if you take care of your skin properly. That is why we are happy to share the ANSWERS to the top 7 QUESTIONS people ask at the beauty clinics. You are about to find out how long it takes for serum to work and why this is a super-important product, whether seaweeds really have an effect on skin and if women and men should use the same skin-care products. Enjoy.

1) What does it mean that serum makes skin smoother or gives it an even tone?

This is a good question because the word “smooth” entails different effects: minimizing face lines, correcting face shape or plumping the skin. Ideally, serum should give all of the effects but the thing we usually spot at first is less noticeable expression lines (fresh ones in particular).

Improved tone means an even skin color. Good creams brighten and plump the skin but the best effect is achieved with vitamin C serum that subtly brightens and boosts radiance so the face looks way better.

2) Can men and women share face-care products?

Not really. This isn’t usually a good idea. Note that even natural products for men have different ingredients and there are dedicated series. The thing is men’s skin is thicker, has more hair follicles and different pH. On the other hand, there’s more freedom when it comes to hair-care products and we can use the same items. Let’s just use different face-care products.

3) Why should you use a face toner?

It’s meant for moisturizing the skin after cleansing. The toner is losing popularity because people (wrongly) think it’s needless. They think that micellar water can replace a toner. Sadly, it can’t restore pH balance like a toner, plus micelles stay on the skin and attract dirt all over again. The toner also hydrates and makes your day/night cream penetrate skin easily. Toner alone nourishes and conditions the skin because many types are enriched with nutrients.

4) What are prebiotics and probiotics for skin?

I’m sure probiotics make you think of dairy products. PREbiotics are sugar particles that work together with PRObiotics (lactic acid bacteria). They have a good effect on skin, improve its condition, neutralize unwanted bacteria and enhance the beneficial ones enduring plumpness. They also help the skin repair.

5) Why are red algae good for skin?

Are seaweeds really so beneficial for skin and hair? Yes, they are actually one of the best substances to enhance the skin and hair. They are high in micro-nutrients and vitamins. Red algae ensure skin’s radiance and firmness. They are suitable for skin that has lost plumpness. A good cream or serum rich in red algae lets you minimize fine lines and smooth out the skin tone. Additionally, red algae strengthen hair and improve its condition.

6) What effect do stem cells have on skin?

Stem cells were supposed to be a breakthrough in cosmetology. This cell type constantly undergoes repair. Constant recovery and new, young cells equal wrinkle-free skin. The body needs them so we should aid the skin and use the right creams and serums rich in stem cells. They make the skin look stunning and act as an antioxidant shield. The face looks healthy and radiant.

7) How long does it take for serum to give effects?

We want such highly-concentrated products rich in repairing ingredients to give instant effects. The serum holds active substances deeply nourishing the skin. Remember to pair serum with a cream that you apply next. This way you get optimal hydration. Serum needs time to give long-term effects because the skin repair cycle takes a few weeks.

If you pair your serum with a fine day and night cream, the repair is faster and the products work for longer, giving much better results. The effect is gradually upgraded if you use a face serum (rich in retinol or vitamin C, for example) regularly.

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