Eyebrow Lamination with Nanobrow Lamination Kit: Your At-Home Brow Lift Kit

Eyebrow lift and lamination is an extremely popular, non-invasive, pain-free treatment which helps tame unruly eyebrows and keep them perfectly shaped for up to 6 weeks. Additionally, brows have the amazing shine you’ve always dreamt of. Do you know you don’t need a beautician to perform it? All you need is a professional eyebrow lift and lamination kit from Nanobrow!

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What’s the effect of eyebrow lamination?

Thick, defined brows having perfect shape. It’s a foolproof option for people with thin, sparse brows who want to improve them. A good solution for lovers of “no makeup makeup” because it leaves brows shaped and lifted and there’s no need to apply makeup.

How do brows look after eyebrow lamination?

After eyebrow lift and lamination, your brows will be lifted, much thicker and subtly curled. The effects last for up to 6 weeks! What’s great, you can do the treatment at home and become your own brow expert.

What makes Nanobrow Lamination Kit a good pick?

The Nanobrow eyebrow lamination and lift kit contains all that’s essential for long-lasting brow style that turns heads. 

✔ brows are precisely shaped for 6 weeks

✔ brows are thicker, bolder, much denser

✔ the kit is perfect for estheticians and home use

✔ you won’t need any touchups

The Nanobrow eyebrow lift and lamination kit shapes and tames brows permanently – you’ll love their glossiness. Women all over the world love it too. It’s best for brows that are unmanageable, stick out and you need to give them the right shape.

DIY eyebrow lamination kit from Nanobrow guarantees up to 6 weeks with flawless brows without the need for making appointments with an esthetician. Both regular consumers and beauty professionals like to use it – the brow kit proves effective as both home and professional salon treatment.

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Brow lift and lamination kit for home use. You’ll find everything you need to know about DIY brow lamination at home at nanobrow.us

Perfectly shaped brows with Nanobrow Lamination Kit

This permanent eyebrow lift and lamination kit is super cost-effective, precise and easy to use. You will perform over ten treatments with just one kit! This means many months with flawlessly shaped, polished eyebrows.

What’s great, the treatment deeply revitalizes, moisturizes and softens the hairs, making them more resilient. You’ll finally enjoy dream brow shape for long weeks. Eyebrow lamination will add definition, camouflage sparse areas and leave your brows much thicker.

Once and for all you can part with unmanageable thin brows. The brilliantly-composed solutions will define and thicken your brows. The brow lift is recommended for all hair types, particularly thick, bushy or sparse brows. The treatment makes a perfect match with brow tinting.

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Nanobrow at-home eyebrow lamination kit – how to use it?

Believe it or not, at-home brow lift is very easy. Even if you aren’t experienced, you’ll manage for sure.

  1. Remove all makeup products and cleanse the brows using an oil-free product.
  2. Apply a small amount of glue using a comfy applicator (bottle marked glue). Wait for 25 to 50 seconds.
  3. Use the attached applicator to apply a laminating solution (bottle Step 1). Apply it on the front of a brow and move towards the tail giving the desired shape.
  4. Wait for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the thickness and susceptibility of your eyebrows. Remove it using a dry cotton pad.
  5. Apply the last solution (bottle Step 2) using the brush. Shape the brows following the hair growth. Wait for 5 to 8 minutes and remove the solution using a wet cotton pad.
  6. Brush through brows with a spoolie. Enjoy your stunning brows for many weeks!

Where to buy Nanobrow eyebrow lamination kit?

Go to www.nanobrow.us, add it to cart, and place an order! The brow lift and lamination kit from Nanobrow is also available at beauty stores and online drugstores.