Five ways of eyelashes. New Revlon Mascaras

Revlon knows how to make woman feel special. What are we talking about? There have just appeared new mascaras with five different properties. With this cosmetic your eyes will charm everyone.

New mascaras from Revlon are: Ultimate All-In-One in red colour, violet Dramatic Definition, Super Length in green bottle, Ultra Volume in pink colour and blue Volume + Length Magnified.  The colour of packaging will allow you to differentiate given cosmetic from the others. All mascaras are easy in application. Their formula was developed to never leave lumps and so that cosmetic wouldn’t flake. Thickening, length and curl of eyelashes wouldn’t be possible if not for exceptionally designed wands.

Revlon Ultimate All-In-One 1Revlon Ultimate All-In-One provides dense, deep colour and length. This effect is possible thanks to small and round brush. Only on the edges of the applicator are placed small bristle for combing of eyelashes. This mascara is available in three shades: dark blue, black and brown. Revlon Dramatic Definition is a product ensuring look with depth and underlining the iris. The wand has thick bristle for the effect of false lashes. Cosmetic is available in colours of black, navy and brown. In dragstores you will find also mascara in a waterproof version. Revlon Super Length provides lashes with double length. Bristle is placed at the tip of the applicator and reaches even the smallest eyelashes in the inner and outer corners of eyes. Pink mascara, Revlon Ultra Volume, thickens lashes and doubles their dense. Such result is provided by short and thick bristle of the wand. Last mascara, Revlon Volume + Length Magnified, has qualities of all the enumerated above mascaras. Its thin wand with short bristle thickens and ensures length. It is available in three shades: black, brown and dark blue. Product can be purchased also in a waterproof version in a black colour.

How should you apply Revlon mascaras? Place the wand in horizontal position and then in zigzag movement apply mascara. For better effect use small comb to get rid of lumps; gadget will style and comb out eyelashes. Do not forget about eyeliner and smoky eye.

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