L’Oréal Paris Mythic Oil, Nourishing Oil – The power of hydration for dry hair

Dehydrated and easily affected by static hair is the first disturbing sign indicating that there is something wrong happening with the strands. When hair loses water from the inside, its hydro-lipid barrier becomes violated, and it starts getting damaged gradually, in a fast pace. Moreover, its porosity increases and it becomes more and more difficult to improve the hair condition. In order to prevent this state from happening, it’s wise to reach for hair oils of moisturising features. One of such products is Mythic Oil, Nourishing Oil by L’Oréal.

How does L’Oréal Paris Mythic Oil, Nourishing Oil work?

The oil’s task is to bring relief to dry hair, nourish it and hydrate which leads to strand appearance improvement. L’Oréal Mythic Oil is perfect for protecting hair from the sun, frost and hot air produced by a blow-dryer. When applied to damp hair after washing, it facilitates detangling and prevents mechanical damages. If applied to dry hair during a day, it facilitates styling the strands and shields against urban pollution. L’Oréal oil is recommended for all hair types because every hair requires moisturisation, protection and nourishment regardless of its colour, length, thickness or curl.

What does L’Oréal Paris Mythic Oil, Nourishing Oil contain?

The oil is a combination of synthetic silicones (which are supposed to smooth hair and intensify its shine) as well as two natural oils: avocado oil and grape seed oil. Avocado oil supplies hair with a set of seven vitamins, it is also a source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as minerals. Grape seed oil improves flexibility of hair, disciplines and smooths strands.

Both oils are responsible for maintaining hydration at the right level, protecting hair from damages by creating an occlusive layer around hair surface.

How to use L’Oréal Paris Mythic Oil, Nourishing Oil?

The oil is suitable to be applied both to damp hair right after washing as well as to dry strands (before washing, as a hair mask, or in the middle of a day as a hair-taming lotion). This product is also recommended to be put on as a serum targeting split ends as well as a heat protection agent before using a blow-dryer.