Dignified professional – Dove Pure Care Dry Oil for Mature Hair.

Hair treatments using oils extracted from plants, seeds and various nuts are becoming more and more popular. As a result, cosmetic companies launch special hair treatments and conditioners containing well-suited oils. Their miraculous performance is supposed restore and nourish our hair. How to choose the best one among them? Is every oil suitable for your hair?

While buying an oil, it’s worth to think about the effect you would like to achieve. No one knows the problems of your hair and scalp better than you. However, we will give you some information about one oil which is worth mentioning. It’s Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – light oil for mature hair. Choose it if you’re more demanding about the product, your hair is mature and needs special protection and restoration. Or, if you’re young but your hair is really weak e.g. due to detergents, various styling treatments or salty water. In this case, you can use it as a cyclical treatment to rebuild and strengthen hair.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – light oil for mature hair which contains numerous valuable oils. They are meant to protect hair and make it beautiful again. Anatolian Pomegranate Seed Oil is the main oil included. It’s been known as a cosmetic and medical product for 3500 years! It contains 70% of Punicic acid (omega-5 acid) which offers strong rejuvenating and restoring properties. What’s more, pomegranate contains substantial amounts of vitamin C and E. Beta carotene and polyphenols included in the oil save hair and skin from pre-mature aging.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil for Mature HairOther valuable oils included in Dove cosmetic are:

  • coconut oil – strengthens natural lipid barrier, moisturizes
  • sweet almond oil – tackles broken and even extremely overdried hair
  • sunflower oil – increases hair elasticity
  • palm oil – helps to fight free radicals and provides shine
  • macadamia oil – contains lots of group B vitamins, vitamine A, makes hair elastic, shiny, moisturized, rejuvenated; it’s quickly absorbed

Additionally, Dove Pure Care Oil contains natural factors which protect from harmful UV radiation.

It’s a youth potion for your hair. Restores, rebuilds, protects, gives shine and vitality.


  • light formula, doesn’t weigh down your hair;
  • beautiful fragrance;
  • UV protection;
  • beautiful casing (fancy glass bottle with a pump);
  • leaves hair smooth and soft;
  • versatile use (applied to dry or wet hair, before or after washing, only on the hair ends or added to a conditioner).


  • sadly, we’ve noticed one pitfall: mineral oils which are strong detergents are on a high position among other ingredients. They won’t get inside the hair. Instead, they stick to the hair, preventing good and valuable ingredients from soaking in. Therefore, we recommend to use the oil rather as a treatment which should be washed away with a delicate shampoo.

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