Hair oiling and dyeing. How to take care of hair after colouring?

There are many myths surrounding the issue whether coloured hair should be treated with natural oils or not. Surely, many would like to know if dyed strands get along with hair oils. Contrary to popular belief, this is a well-matched couple!

Seemingly, right after colouring hair is smooth, full of gloss and becomes softer. In reality, such hair has to obtain a little more of our attention when it comes to day-to-day care because it’s really hard to maintain moisturisation at the right level, the strands have tendency to split and become brittle, they turn dull very fast and lose their natural shine; also, such hair falls out more frequently due to weakened hair bulbs.

For that reason, dyed hair care should be simultaneously intensive and delicate. Hence, a very good solution in this situation is hair oiling treatment because oils are natural, safe and match our hair needs well. How to take care of coloured hair with the aid of oils?

Hair oiling before hair dyeing

If we plan to undergo hair colouring procedure in advance, it’s worth reaching for vegetable oils consciously. If applied regularly, they effectively strengthen hair and protect from damages. In this easy way you can make the hair ready for the upcoming overburdening such as the dyeing procedure. When should you start treating your hair with oils before colouring? Most beneficial is to keep using oils on a daily basis, but if you don’t do this, it’s a good idea to introduce them to your everyday hair care in a month before exposing your strands to tints.

In recent months, fairly popular has become a technique of applying oils before colouring. This is considered as a super-fast version of making hair stronger and providing strands with protection. In short, this procedure depends on covering hair with a minimal amount of an oil in 2-3 hours before colouring. This small quantity of an oil applied is appreciated because dripping oil hinders hair dyeing. After all, hair oiling is supposed not only to prevent dyed hair from dehydration but also to keep the scalp away from irritations and limit hair loss, which is strictly connected with dyeing procedure.

Hair oiling right after hair dyeing

Hair oiling fans don’t have to resign from the very procedure once undergoing hair colouring. It has to be stated once and for all, hair dyeing doesn’t pose any obstacle when it comes to applying vegetable oils. However, it’s worth realizing that it’s a good idea to hold oneself back from hair oiling for approximately a week since the moment of changing colour of the hair. Why is it that crucial? The truth is, oils may do both, extend lifespan of a colour as well as shorten it. Especially these non-drying which are able to penetrate into hair structure pushing the tint out.

Hair oiling after hair dyeing

It’s suggested to refrain from the oils which can contribute to faster colour fading-away, and these are coconut oil, cocoa oil or palm tree oil, to name just a few. Basically, colour-treated hair doesn’t feel good when covered with cosmetic butters, because its structure is weakened so the strands need oils made of bigger molecules. Such natural conditioners seal hair and prevent the newly applied colour from vanishing. In this case, oils designed for high porosity hair appear to be the most favourable ones. Thanks to regular use, vegetable oils:

– reinforce delicate hair structure,
– extends lifespan of the colour,
– deliver extra protection,
– prevent hair scales from rising.