Elixir of longevity. Argan oil and its properties.

Argan oil is one of the bestselling oils in the beauty industry. Although it is more expensive than other natural oils, the demand for it is not decreasing. Using such ingredient in creams, conditioners or serums, immediately raises the prestige of the product.

What makes argan oil so precious and irreplaceable?

  • Argan oil contains the ideal composition of unsaturated fatty acids. Very few people know that fatty acids improve processes in our body and it must occur in adequate amounts. Argan oil is a product which has the best balanced fatty acids. As a result, the processes in the cells of the body run smoothly and flawlessly. Argan oil contains fatty acids of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9.
  • Argan oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, almost twice as much as olive oil. Its deficiency makes the skin callous and unfortunately, influences ageing processes. Additionally, hair grows more slowly and becomes dull, weak and brittle. Vitamin E provides essential nutrients to the skin cells. It acts as a reliable transporter.
  • Argan oil contains polyphenolic compounds, which very efficiently and effectively inhibit the formation of free radicals. In addition, they help overcome already formed free radicals. They work therapeutically and prophylactically. Thanks to oxidising, they prevent other important compounds from that process. In other words, they devote themselves so that the body does not lose valuable substances. It is worth mentioning that argan oil – as a fully natural product – contains natural polyphenols. This is an important information because polyphenols produced synthetically do not have such effectiveness.
  • Agranowy oil is also rich in carotenoids. These compounds are important for the beauty and health of skin and hair, as they absorb excess UV radiation. They have also beautifying properties – give the skin a nice and healthy colour. They support the work of vitamin A, which is responsible for the efficient regeneration of skin and hair growth. Carotenoids have significantly higher antioxidant activity than vitamin C. They prevent harmful oxidative damage in skin cells. As a result, they strengthen the body, which becomes resistant to ageing of the skin and hair, and many serious diseases.

Therefore, argan oil has antioxidant and anti-ageing effects. The product acts preventively and regenerates hair and skin. What is more, it protects against adverse external factors and improves the operation of many processes in the cells of the body. It is almost an elixir of youth. Health closed in an oil. Not without reason it is called the “liquid gold of Morocco”.

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