VIANEK. Will the Polish cosmetic producer conquer the market?

The first Polish brand that created a range of natural cosmetics, that are sold on a massive scale, is called VIANEK. It is a constantly developing company that derives from a well-known producer of cosmetics, designed for sensitive skin, called Sylveco. Why VIANEK? What this company has to offer?

Folk characteristic of the brand

VIANEK cosmetics are a really interesting position on the Polish cosmetics market. The new brand was not created to resemble any of the foreign luxury brands, on the contrary – it puts strong emphasis on the Slavic nature of the products. This means that VIANEK cosmetics are based on Polish herbs and plants, which were locked in minimalist packaging with a lot of folk elements, for example, patterns typical for the Polish folklore. VIANEK also means tradition. It is the tradition that was passed down from generation to generation in Zalipie, Malopolska villages. Nowadays it becomes more and more popular even abroad.

Goodness of natural ingredients

polish-brand.jpgVIANEK offers cosmetics with carefully selected natural composition of ingredients and delightful scents. The unique mixture of elements that you can find in the VIANEK products, comes mainly from the extracts of: flowers, herbs and plants. Those derive only from Polish organic crops. In the composition of these cosmetic we can find, among others, wheat, black locust, blackberry fruit, lavender, grapes, beeswax, extracts of lime, valerian, chestnut fruit, cowberry, apricots and others. All fragrances in VIANEK products are also referring to Polish natural flavours: raspberry, red currant, pear, apple, cherry and peach.

Complex Organic Care

VIANEK Cosmetics brand means not only the tempting aromatherapy and folk design but also the effects of products on many levels. The brand offers six series of products for body, face and hair care. Each colour distinguishes different series of care.

  • BLUE SERIES – deep hydration
  • SERIES GREEN – cleansing and refreshment
  • ORANGE SERIES – sound nutrition
  • SERIES RED – firming and anti-ageing action
  • SERIES PINK – alleviating irritation and relaxation
  • SERIES VIOLET – soothing and strengthening

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