Top 6 brow soaps – we picked the best ones!

“Soap brows” are undoubtedly one of the biggest brow makeup trends. What makes this method of styling so popular? Its amazing effects cannot go unnoticed!

The “soap brows” method helps effectively smooth out eyebrows and make them look bigger and bushier. A natural look and the desired hold can be achieved thanks to this technique of brow styling.

Some might ask: which brow soap to choose? Which soap will make you love this method from the first time you use it and not leave you discouraged?

We decided to make this task a little easier for you and suggest you the best one, in our opinion. Here are our TOP 6 brow soaps!

If you plan on buying a brow soap in the near future, then make sure to read through our picks – they will surely not disappoint you!

TOP 6 best brow soaps

1. Nanobrow Eyebrow Styling Soap – the best brow soap

best eyebrow styling soap
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This unique brow soap works for every brow type. It styles, sculpts and disciplines even very unruly hairs. Your eyebrows are bound to gain the maximum volume and thickness that you surely expect. A huge advantage of the best Nanobrow soap is the possibility to achieve an effect of a laminated brow just like after a beautician appointment. Interestingly, there is no need to use water! Natural eyebrows become accentuated, expressive without a cartoonish result. Your arches will be locked in place all day long and you won’t need to touch up your makeup which brings high comfort. The application is very easy and doesn’t take too long. Nanobrow Eyebrow Soap is definitely our favourite product. Undoubtedly, you’ll love it from the first use!

2. Ibra MakeUp – Brow Soap

Ibra MakeUp is a soap that will appeal to every makeup fan. The formula is clump-free and doesn’t leave any smudges. What’s more, it’s possible to achieve the desired eyebrow shape in just a few moments. The product holds hairs in check and combs them precisely. Its formula is velvety, transparent and will surely adapt to your needs. Get the exact shape you want – every time!

3. Hulu Brow Soap

The Hulu soap combined with a spoolie and a slanted brush allows you to comfortably and quickly style eyebrows. Taming unruly hairs with this product will become a surprisingly easy task. Additionally, the gel consistency makes the effects last for many hours to come. No need to worry about unwanted white residue on the hairs – this product guarantees clump-free makeup. The application is easy and pleasant which is especially important if you’re a beginner with the “soap brows” technique.

4. MakeUp Revolution Rehab Soap + Care

This brow soap cares for the brows and conditions them, a quality essential for those who pay attention to maintaining proper hydration levels. The composition contains jojoba oil and castor oil that let you nurture your arches. The product is vegan and you will easily create the desired shape of your eyebrows and get rid of unruly and uncooperative hairs. Value natural beauty definition and brow care at the same time? MakeUp Revolution Rehab Soap + Care is the right choice for you!

5. Lamel – Brow Fixing Soap

It’s a transparent brow soap equipped with a spiral brush that will provide you with a dreamy look in a few moments. The gel consistency delivers a laminated brow look and the desired long-wear performance. The soap is a good choice for you no matter your eyebrow type – skinny, thick, uncooperative or only in need of a little definition. Well, ready for a transformation?

6. MUA MakeUp Academy Brow Define

Dream of beautifully-sculpted eyebrows? This soap will definitely help you achieve this goal! The contours of your eyebrows will be held in place so you can enjoy it all day long. Unruly hairs become smoothed put in a flash and look exactly the way you want. The brow soap’s spoolie is practical and allows for comfortable application with little to no effort. Beautiful eyebrows are at your fingertips!

Choosing the best brow soap might be complicated. We’re hoping that thanks to this ranking you’ll be able to choose the one that will satisfy you and meet all your needs.

Treat yourself to stunning brow makeup and fall in love with your eyebrows!