Here’s the way of coping with stretch marks! Application of coconut oil in pregnancy

Do you know that just a spoonful of coconut oil daily is enough to provide skin with the moisturisation it needs, gift it with shine and improve elasticity? And you don’t even have to eat it. Check out how to use coconut during pregnancy so as to prevent stretch marks.

Features of natural oils have been known for centuries. These precious substances were eagerly used for cooking and cosmetics. The most beneficial are the oils which were cold-pressed from seeds, leaves or steams; or from the flesh of nuts of palm trees as it is typical for coconut oil. This is the very oil that mothers-to-be are reaching the most willingly for.

Skin oil treatment – For health and beauty

It doesn’t require any making special preparations or following some hard-and-fast rules. Coconut oil works in a natural way and is completely safe. And that’s the very reason why skin oil treatment is one of home beauty procedures which is so willingly carried out by pregnant women. Applying natural oils to skin brings many benefits:

– restores hydro-lipid balance,
– protects against excessive water loss,
– gifts skin with suppleness, smoothness and shine,
– supports cell self-renewal processes.

Coconut oil during pregnancy

Mothers-to-be appreciate coconut’s pleasant smell and lack of artificial substances which might turn out to be harmful. Certainly, these aren’t the only good sides of this natural oil. This white cosmetic has many applications thanks to which we can feel beautiful even without using the majority of our favourite beauty products. How can we make use of coconut oil?

Coconut oil for stretch marks

Pregnant women care for effective prophylaxis, that can be taken for granted. After all, it’s easier to prevent stretch marks than remove them once they appear. For that very reason, pregnant women willingly reach for coconut oil, which is recognized as a substance coping with the problem of stretch marks. Naturally, you can apply coconut oil to various body parts (with the special attention paid to belly and breasts) as well as blend with other oils like, for example, also frequently recommended for pregnant women, raspberry seed oil. All things considered, coconut oil (alone or with additives) is the best natural cream dealing with stretch marks.

Face mask

Fatigue that is easy to see on our faces can be also hidden thanks to coconut oil. Luckily, you don’t need to do much but mix coconut oil with honey, natural yoghurt, mashed banana or avocado. Left on skin for 10 minutes this coconut face mask restores elasticity to skin and replenish it with water. This is a perfect solution for women who suffer from constantly dehydrated complexion.