Thicker hair in 30 days. The make-over with Nanoil hair oil


Fine hair, always tangled and frizzy is the nightmare many women struggle with.

It is really difficult to take care of this hair type. You can easily damage the strands while washing, blow-drying or even combing. A slight difference in air moisture leads to frizz and static. Such hair usually has medium porosity yet it heads towards total destruction: the external keratin layer is damaged.

Fine hair is only one step from a very poor condition. It gets completely damaged without suitable care.

If you want to strengthen hair structure, rebuild keratin layer and reinforce hair throughout its length, you must choose a product that can improve hair condition and appearance but also provide deep and long-term repair.

Nanoil hair oil is able to give you the best hair make-over. All hair maniacs, hairstylists and women who care about their hairdo talk about Nanoil enthusiastically. They are fascinated with the product.

If fine hair is not strongly dehydrated and damaged, it can be classified as medium porosity hair. If your hair lacks volume, gets tangled whereas hair care and styling are troublesome – go for Nanoil for medium porosity hair.

This version of Nanoil hair oil is composed of precisely selected natural oils. Their task is conditioning and protecting fine, frizzy, unruly strands. If you feel your hair needs more intensive repair (apart from increased volume), you can pick Nanoil for high porosity hair: it includes keratin – natural material that makes up our hair.

  • macadamia oil – an excellent oil, quickly absorbed, nourishes the hair inside
  • argan oil – natural heat protection
  • marula oil – prevents hair from dehydrating
  • jojoba oil – controls sebum secretion, moisturises hair
  • maracuja oil – tames unruly strands, facilitates combing
  • coconut oil – protects hair from roots to ends, restores elasticity



… natural oils are the best thing you can reach out for in hair care. They are made of molecules that perfectly fit hair structure: penetrate and repair damage inside (broken disulfide bonds) and outside (keratin damage on hair surface). Regular hair oiling stimulates, nourishes and repairs hair bulbs. Hair starts growing thicker and stronger.

… natural oils in Nanoil hair oil receive help from exclusive ingredients that have a direct influence on hair bulbs (kerastim and baicapil). The strands stop falling out, grow thick and delight with radiance and vitality.

… Nanoil hair oil is free from comedogenic substances that damage hair and disturb the scalp. It guarantees that your fine hair is properly cared for.

… hair needs properly selected ingredients and vitamins in order to grow strong and beautiful. Nanoil for medium porosity hair contains the complex of vitamin A and E that keep hair young. The product also includes silk that is invaluable in hair care – permanently beautifies the hair, delivering softness and elasticity.

You can use Nanoil for medium porosity hair in many ways. The product lets you smooth the strands, style a hairdo, protect hair ends, perform full hair oil treatment (including the scalp and hair bulbs). It can work as a shine-boosting elixir and leave-in conditioner.

Nanoil hair oils work better than a hair balm, mask or conditioner. Its components make it better and more effective than anti hair loss ampoules. Thanks to Nanoil hair oil, you will enjoy a hair make-over in less than 30 days. 

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