5 Reasons Why The Nanobrow Brow Pen Is A Must-Have In Your Makeup Bag

Precision brow pen

Without a doubt, the shape, volume, and color of the eyebrows have a huge impact on how the entire face looks. The right brow makeup can make the face look slimmer, the eyes bigger, and the gaze more expressive.

Fashionable brow look… meaning what exactly?

Brow makeup trends have changed plenty of times over the years – from the over-plucked ones that rocked the 1990s to the currently fashionable thick and fluffy arches. Women today opt for a natural look and… convenience.

Semi-permanent brow makeup has become extremely popular, especially microblading, which ensures long-lasting eyebrow styling. However, professional treatments and procedures aren’t the only solutions to achieve spectacular-looking arches.

Surely you are familiar with the classic brow makeup products – pencils, brow powders, pomades, but have you heard about a brow pen? Today, you will learn what a brow pen is, how to use it in your brow makeup, and how to create a microblading effect on eyebrows using it.

What is an eyebrow pen?

Gaps and sparse areas, where eyebrows do not want to grow, asymmetrical arches – a good brow pen is a remedy for these and other problems. Eyebrow pen is a brow makeup product that looks like a regular pen, but its formula is adapted to the needs of the skin. It is a product that allows you to precisely fill in your eyebrows, camouflage the gaps, give brows a thicker look, add color to them, and create long-wear but natural makeup.

Which brow pen to choose? We tested a lot of them (including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nanobrow, Tarte, Urban Decay, and BeneFit) and checked their wearability and precision. A brow pen we recommend most to both makeup beginners and professionals is Nanobrow Microblading Pen. We unanimously concluded that the Nanobrow brow pen deserves the top place on our list of best brow makeup products.

Nanobrow Microblading Pen

Product available in colors:

The Nanobrow brow pen – product details

The Nanobrow eyebrow pen is an innovative brow makeup tool. It features a highly pigmented and waterproof formula that is designed for all skin types. The thin applicator, inspired by the microblading procedure, allows you to precisely fill in the gaps in your eyebrows while maintaining a natural effect. It allows you to create individual hair-like strokes imitating real brow hairs. This way, you can create the effect of visually thicker, voluminous, and more expressive eyebrows, looking like following the microblading procedure. The makeup stays put for up to 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing off or smudging during the day.

5 reasons why the Nanobrow brow pen is a “must-have” beauty product

  1. You can get an effect similar to microblading – you can fill in the gaps with millimeter-long strokes and your eyebrows gain bolder shape, color, and the ultimate volume.
  2. You can be sure your makeup can withstand anything – the waterproof formula stays on the skin even on a hot day or during an intense workout. At the end of the day, you can wash away the eyebrow pen with a regular makeup remover in a flash.
  3. You don’t need beauty salon appointments – using the Nanobrow brow pen your eyebrows will look like you’ve just left a beauty salon. 🙂
  4. You can easily choose the perfect shade for any hair color – the Nanobrow brow pen shades suit both “warm” and “cool” beauty types. There are shades that suit blonde, brown, red, and black hair.
  5. No need for touch-ups during the day – pencil, brow powder, or pomade smudged and wore off your skin? Thanks to the Nanobrow brow pen you no longer have to worry about that.

Makeup with the Nanobrow brow pen – how to do it?

Defining brows with a brow pen is not difficult! Here are some steps to help you with using a brow pen to ensure you can create an effect resembling microblading:

Step 1: Choose the right shade of your eyebrow pen – Warm Blonde, Ash Blonde, Warm Brown, Dark Brown, or Espresso. Make sure the shade matches your natural brow color, hair color, and skin tone (warm/cool).

Step 2: Comb your eyebrows with a spoolie to separate and style brow hairs and give the brows the correct shape.

Step 3: Fill in the eyebrows. Start with the bottom brow line. Remember to hold the pen at a slight angle and create hair-like strokes in short strokes for a natural effect. If there are gaps in your eyebrows, fill them in with the pen. Avoid creating patches that are too dark or too thick. While drawing hair-like strokes, always follow the natural direction of hair growth. Note that eyebrows grow in different directions depending on the location (inner part, middle, and tails).

Step 4: Set the eyebrows. To keep your eyebrows in place, you can use a clear brow gel.

TIP: Remember that defining eyebrows with a pen takes some practice, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the desired effect the first time. You can practice on the top of your hand by drawing thin hair-like strokes.

The Nanobrow brow pen ensures reliable precision and great effects mimicking the microblading treatment. Several natural shades will allow you to choose the perfect one to create fabulous brow makeup. Contrary to appearances, painting eyebrows with a pen is not difficult, and the durability you gain leaves far behind classic pencils or shadows.
Do you wish to create long-wear, stunning, and natural brow makeup at the same time? Take a look at nanobrow.us. In addition to the precision brow pen, you can find plenty of products that can make your daily brow styling a favorite part of your makeup routine!