Lashcode mascara. Classic black in its best version

Lashcode is an intensively black mascara – not only in the inside, but also on the outside – of additional eyelash caring action. The luxurious mascara that hides velvet formula sated with blackness for obtaining the effect of expressive make-up and depth of look.

Lashcode mascara - revolution in make-up

Lashcode mascara – revolution in make-up

Coating eyelashes in easier and more effective way is owned to the unique mascara’s formula and the revolutionary brush – both making daily make-up application joyful. Lashcode is a new method of eyelash styling for more feminine and smart make-up – chosen by make-up artists, available for everyone.


With every brush slide, the silky particles of the mascara coat eyelashes with the insensible layer which doesn’t overburden the lashes yet delivers caring and beautifying action. Just one application is enough to outline eyes with the intensive black colour, extend, thicken and make eyelashes dense. Lashcode is a mascara that defines the look by coating even the tiniest eyelashes precisely. Also, the beauty product optically thickens eyelashes at their roots and curls them gifting the eyes with the perfect shape. The unique brush ideally separates eyelashes without leaving them clumped, and as the result, we win very natural and expressive make-up. Lashcode extends the lifespan of make-up for many hours without flaking off and staining the eyelids. This is a mascara that shapes eyelashes so they become lengthened, thickened and curled in such a way, to bring out the beauty of eyes and the feminine look.

What’s interesting, Lashcode fills a role of a colour cosmetic and care product. It contains an array of natural substances which positively influence eyelash health. Owning to them, the mascara strengthens, moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates each hair from its bulb up to the tip, always when you wear make-up. Thanks to this, eyelashes grow faster, are stronger and naturally thicker as the make-up looks even better on them.

Despite black, powdery pigments and ingredients typical for a mascara, Lashcode also contains wheat and soy bean shoot extracts as well as Scutellaria baicalensis root extract, which support eyelash bulbs and encourage eyelash growth in a natural way. Moreover, the composition was also enriched with pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), vitamin E (tocopherol) and arginine.


The one-of-a-kind silicone brush of ideally designed shape is the second factor that makes applying make-up with Lashcode simple and effective. The pointy-ended spiral gets without obstacles to every eyelash, even reaching the tiniest ones located in the corners of the eyes. The wand gathers the precise amount of the product thanks to well-thought-out bristles and grooves arrangement. At the same time, this is the applicator of the perfect size which was adjusted to match every eye and facilitate applying flawless make-up no matter of the angle, setting or our skills. Lashcode spiral separates and brushes eyelashes, coating them with the intensive and velvet black colour.

Your eyelashes can also become as black as they have never been before!

24 Comments “Lashcode mascara. Classic black in its best version”

  1. Patricia90

    … some girls say mascara isn’t the most important… I guess they haven’t used this one, it makes my lashes look AWESOME <3 LOVE_IT

    • Silvermoon

      ofc it’s the most important! There’s no effect without eye definition. The color is incredibly black and matte. It doesn’t fade all day long.

  2. fakey100

    Perfect name for a mascara 🙂 it decoded my eyelashes _ never ever will I ever change it, even if you pay me 🙂 recommend it for all “short lashes” out there

  3. misschaos

    this wand is simply created for girls with eyelashes that are difficult to reach. It touches EVERY lash!!

  4. lucy12345

    A+ for the applicator 😀

    • flame XD

      in my opinion standard wand is better nonetheless than those silicon made

  5. bobby

    incredibly black and matte. It don’t fades away throughout the entire day

  6. Candy88

    if it’s really so nutrient-rich it’s worth the price

    • Katy KA

      Totally worth its price just for the effect it delivers to eyelashes. The real fan of eyelashes 🙂


    let me be straight about this: I hook up guys on this mascara ;d HAHA

  8. mlb

    HEY, MASCARA + CONDITIONER? Cool thing!!!

  9. Lily28

    I’ve never had such a marvel in my entire mascara carrer 🙂 pleasant surprise, amazing makeup plus lash strengthening

  10. Goddess Venus

    fan of make-up, not me, I only use BB cream and mascara so I can go crazy in that department and I always get the high end products. Lashcode is simply COSMETIC OLYMPUS!!!! awesome mascara and I feel like Aphrodite when I use it

  11. HaGe

    coats well, conditions well and it’s worth its price.

  12. HaGe

    adore it! What a greeat idea tro combine conditioner with mascara, finally sb thought aboiuth my lash health, Thx Lashcode <3

  13. Suzi Q

    I’d love one like this, only waterproof

  14. Maaaaagie

    damn, i want it where can i get it? i bet not in a regular drugstore?

    • HaGe

      fastest is to get it via website, maybe some online drugstores have it

  15. twin_peaks_donna

    I’ve got lashes like DIVA 😀

  16. thinkpositive

    I damaged my lashes with falsies and looking for a mascara that delivers a supper effect, tbh now it’s hard for me to get used to natural lashes again

  17. Beaaaa G

    I think I buy it anyway

  18. anna_ann

    it must be something new, I never heard of it before

  19. Carolinne

    recently I stumble upon entry on the blog with positive review of this mascara.

  20. dejavu2525

    To me, as good as any other mascara in this price range


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