What is going on with the eyelash growth cycle and eyelash conditioners? (Nanolash Info)

Do you know how many eyelashes on upper and lower eyelid has an average human? Why do eyelashes fall out and what does it mean? What is the record length of natural lashes? You can never guess, unless you familiarise yourself with the most important information about human eyelashes and eyelash serums, among which rules unrivalled Nanolash eyelash serum.

Wonderful eyelashes with NanolashUsually we remain unaware of the fact that eyelashes have their own lifespan. It is absolutely natural that everyday we lose even 2-3 lashes. We should worry only when eyelashes do not grow back, because that can be related to the disturbance in eyelashes’ growth phases. However, if – despite losing individual lashes – you still have 150-200 eyelashes on the upper and 50-150 eyelashes on the lower eyelid, then everything is in order. As it turns out, we do not know much about our eyelashes. That contributes to dissatisfaction with effects of eyelash conditioners and arouses doubts concerning Nanolash serum. We will dispel all of these concerns.

Nanolash serum – Characteristics

Marketing is one thing, and reality is entirely different thing. Let’s focus on the facts, shall we. Nanolash is an eyelash serum, developed for natural enhancement of lashes growth. It was expected to become a competition to eyelash extensions, false eyelashes and mascara. The goal was achieved thanks to thoughtful action. Nanolash works not only on the surface, because active substances are absorbed directly to follicles and lashes bulbs. Eyelashes are nourished and stimulated on the inside, so the effects are observed much faster and are more durable. Nanolash serum should be applied on the upper eyelid root line with a perfectly shaped, thin brush. The formula of serum is colourless and almost fragrance-free. Correctly applied serum provides first effects within few weeks of intense stimulation.

Remember! Nanolash serum must be applied on perfectly clean and dry eyelids, because any impurity can result with weakening of stimulating substance action. Eyelash serum has to be applied everyday at bedtime. Too often application of Nanolash serum, also in larger amounts will not speed up the effects and can only decrease cosmetic’s efficiency.

Eyelash lifespan and Nanolash serum

How does it happen that eyelashes can grow longer with Nanolash serum? As we mentioned before, eyelashes have their lifespan. For every person this cycle is different and can be shorter or longer. However, all the sources say that lashes average lifespan is from 2 to 4 months. One cycle is divided into three key phases. Anagen is the first phase where eyelash starts to grow under the skin. Catagen is the time when bulbs of old lashes die. Next is telogen – the phase in which dead eyelashes are being forced out the follicle by the baby lashes (new eyelashes).

It’s important! Phase of growth cannot be extended (anagen) nor eyelashes loss can be inhibited. Eyelashes loss is entirely natural.

Therefore, role of Nanolash serum is limited to stimulation of lashes growth in the anagen phase, so that they grow much faster. The serum contributes to more than effective work of lashes bulbs and significant eyelash extension. Nanolash serum nourishes eyelashes and that influences their strengthening, thickening and darkening. Such characteristic of Nanolash serum has impact on, e.g. the effects quality. Active substances in Nanolash depend on individual predispositions of the organism, that is why some will observe first results after a week and other will have to wait a bit longer. It is all related to the length of anagen phase, where on average 75% of total eyelashes are placed. Furthermore, it should not come as a surprise that during the treatment with Nanolash serum eyelashes will still fall out. Nanolash does not inhibits eyelashes loss, but strengthens them and speeds up their growth. Depending on how many eyelashes are in the anagen and catagen phase, eyelashes can grow unequally in the first stage of using Nanolash serum. It is an entirely natural situation.

Nanolash serum is one of the most effective on the market. It is because Nanolash serum does not change or disrupt natural lifespan of the eyelash, but supports them and visibly improves their condition by strengthening and speeding up the growth.

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