Ghasel’s Maltese Honey Body Cream. Discover its spectacular effects

Ghasel Maltese Honey Body Cream

Honey-based cosmetics have received many favourable reviews all over the world. They’re used in many cosmetic treatments and the beauty professionals consider them one of the most spectacular products out there. If you haven’t used a cosmetic that contains honey yet, you need to try this one out!

A subtle honey scent of Ghasel Maltese Honey Body Cream will soothe your senses. Maltese honey is a beautifying substance straight from an extraordinary corner of the world and it’s contained in this natural beauty product with many beneficial properties for every skin type.

The combination of honey with other active substances works excellently in everyday skin care and gives a 100% guarantee that your skin will become properly hydrated and nourished. Honey cosmetics consist of a number of vitamins, minerals, organic acids and enzymes, used in acne healing and skin lesions.

A unique honey choice from Ghasel

If you choose Maltese Honey Body Cream, you will give your skin a real bandage for every imperfection, irritation, cellulite and stretch marks. It’s a perfect, highly hydrating product that regenerates tired skin. It eliminates the risk of inflammation and is your best option if you want to achieve healthy-looking skin for a long time.

Honey is undeniably a great cosmetic product and a remedy for various diseases. This Maltese delicacy will provide your skin with 24 hours of hydration and a relaxing session for flabby, dull skin. It protects the body against toxins, damage, smog and other environmental pollution. Perfect for sensitive, acne-prone, vascular and problematic skin.

Honey Body Cream ghasel

Malta’s special honey combined with shea butter is the maximum revitalisation combo. This special ingredient that melts when in contact with warmth doesn’t leave a greasy layer on the skin, but a light, invisible barrier which protects the skin from water loss, damage and external factors.

Avocado oil and plant extracts accelerate the regeneration of the skin and soothe irritation. They add a beautiful, healthy color and a youthful glow. These ingredients also have a anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect, preventing the formation of wrinkles and furrows.

Vitamins E and B12, powerful antioxidants, show anti-aging properties, combat free radicals that are one of the reasons the skin might lose its firmness and elasticity. They also improve the color of the skin, eliminate blemishes and protect the skin against harmful sun radiation.

Last but not least, marshmallow plant extract and its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities reduce excessive sebum secretion, accelerate wound healing and act as a shield against any damage that might harm the skin.

Is Ghasel Maltese Honey Body Cream for me?

This honey cosmetic from the Ghasel line brings hydration, energy and quick regeneration as it meets the needs of any skint type at any age. Professional care that works well no matter what kind of lifestyle you have. Say goodbye to skin problems and say hello to young skin free of any imperfections with Maltese Honey Body Cream! Visit