How Do You Know if Your Beauty Product Has Gone Bad?

The shelf life of a product is determined by the manufacturer. Even though you stored the product properly, it’s gone bad before the expiration date? Don’t worry. We know this scenario. Sometimes cosmetics go off because of unknown reasons. The key thing is you stop using them because they are no longer safe. By reading on you will learn to recognize a product that is no longer fit for use even though it hasn’t expired yet.

Signals telling you a product has gone bad

There are a couple of universal signals that prove a product is no longer good to use. Here they are:

  • change of aroma
  • change of color
  • change of texture
  • product separating

How do you know if your beauty product has gone off?

You should know how to say if a given cosmetic has gone bad. Perfume is based on alcohol and that is why it doesn’t usually go bad but other beauty products go off more often. What’s more, natural cosmetics are a thing now but beside numerous benefits, they do have a big flaw: shorter shelf life. If you buy something only for testing or you know you will use it just occasionally (e.g. red lipstick), try to choose smaller-sized packaging to avoid wasting and tossing the product out before using it up.

Clues that tell you to toss a cosmetic out

Different products give specific signs of going bad.

  • nail polish gets thicker or even hardens, plus the smell is more intense.
  • lipstick gets dry, flakes off, it may irritate the lips, and is harder to apply.
  • mascara – it clumps and sticks lashes together, it’s hard to apply it, and it may irritate the eyes. Mascara should be replaced the most often, even every three months.
  • face cream – its aroma and texture change, it separates, you can feel a burning sensation after application; face creams based on natural ingredients should be stored in the fridge to make them last for longer.
  • shampoo and conditioner – they change color and separate
  • perfume – it has less intense aroma.

Extra useful clues

We should get products from trusted brands and store them in proper conditions to keep them fresh for longer: in a dark, dry place. If you spot any of the clues you must get rid of the product immediately. Using cosmetics that have gone bad is dangerous both for your beauty and health. So toss them out!

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