Lilash Serum – What are the Needs of Eyelashes?

Lilash is among lots of serums that you can add to your everyday care. What makes the cosmetic different? Is it effective? Firstly, try to remember the real needs of the eyelashes – that’s the secret of successful beauty rituals.

With the passing time, the lash-growth potential drops. That’s why eyelashes may start breaking and falling out in excess. As a result, the eyes lose definition and even the best mascara isn’t going to improve the lash appearance. It’s because of lack of care that’s essential for the right eyelash growth and keeping the vitality.

Ingredients that are necessary for the lashes:

1. Zinc – takes part in the synthesis of keratin which is a building block of eyelashes.

2. Iron – strengthens and prevents breakage.

3. Group B vitamins – keep eyelashes from thinning.

4. Eyebright Extract – the best for conditioning the fragile around-eye skin.

5. Aloe Juice – has repairing and moisturising properties.

Lilash Serum

Without care, you won’t make your eyelashes beautiful so products – like Lilash Serum – are worth choosing. It’s among the most popular lash enhancers for ensuring the essential ingredients for the lashes.

The product is composed of:

– Glycerol

– Sweet Almond Oil

– Lupine Protein

– Panthenol

Lilash Serum is enriched with growth-stimulating substances. Too bad all of the ingredients come together with preservatives, silicones and synthetics. Naturalness isn’t the strength of the product which doesn’t mean the serum isn’t effective.

In case of the regular use of Lilash Serum, you can expect an improved lash condition. The product adds shine and strengthens delicate hair which starts looking better even without a mascara on. During first weeks, lashes are better moisturized and nourished thus no longer so brittle.

The application of Lilash Serum is a child’s play. Removing makeup precisely beforehand is essential for visible effects. Clean skin absorbs nutrients much better. You apply the serum with a thin brush to the skin of eyelids at the base of lashes. You can give the product 2-3 mins to absorb and then apply other night cosmetics e.g. an under-eye cream.