Mirror, mirror on the wall… New mascara Bourjois Volume Reveal

Bourjois knows how to take care of women. That is why they created new mascara Volume Reveal with mirror. Surprised? Let’s dedicate a moment to think how this gadget will make make-up even easier.

Mascara Bourjois Volume Reveal just appeared on the shops shelves and it has already stolen hearts of millions of women. And we do not talk about its effects. Way more interesting is mascara’s packaging. In one of the walls of the triangle bottle was embedded a mirror. Thanks to it, you can fix your make-up wherever you are, and the interesting part is that in the mirror you can see even the smallest and shortest lashes. Pointy wand can also help you with application of the cosmetic. Applicator is equipped with bristle positioned in rows. Eyelashes will be well separated and covered with mascara and your look – entirely changed.

Bourjois Volume Reveal 2Bourjois has in its offer two mascaras: classic black (Radiant Black) and waterproof in black colour (Waterproof Black). Both mascaras provide an intense colour, underline eye frame and make face truly charming. Eyelashes are longer and thicker, while their dense is twice as big. If you really care about beautiful appearance and seductive look, complement make-up with a line on the upper eyelid. You will need for it black eyeliner, Liner Feutre.

How to perform eye make-up with Bourjois Volume Reveal? If you already applied eye shadow in your favourite colour, now is the time for the mascara. Place the wand of classical or waterproof mascara at the roots of upper eyelid and in zigzag movement apply mascara. Next place applicator vertically and underline lashes ends and lower eyelashes. When first layer of cosmetic will dry, apply the second one and depending on the effect you want to achieve – another. Your make-up is ready.

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