Nail oiling. How is it done and what is used?

For every woman neat hands and nails are like a business card. If you want to look attractive, take care of them. How to do it? Try methods of nail oiling. Surely, they will help you.

How to oil the nails?

Rub the oil into the nail bed, plate and cuticles twice a day. A short massage is going to improve the circulation in fingers and make nails look better. Don’t dry or wash your hands after the application – let the oil absorb. In this way, all nutritional ingredients will get into deep layers of the skin, providing moisturizing and protecion from chemical and mechanical damages. The cuticles won’t be dry whereas the nail plate will become smooth and strong as well as resistant to breakage, cracking and splitting.

Rubbing a mixture of oils into the nails may also work wonders. Heat up a few oils e.g. in a microwave. Remember that the mixture can’t be hot – it would burn your fingers. Add several drops of lemon juice to the oils. It will whiten the nails and lighten discolouration (small white spots). Apply the oils under the nail tip if you want to stimulate their growth. Remember to repeat the application in the morning and in the evening.

Which oils should be used?

Ready-made mixtures, products available in food stores, drug stores and chemists as well as cosmetic oils are perfect for nail oiling. Some of them come with a brush or a dropper. Thanks to the applicator, you apply the amount of the cosmetic that is needed for the treatment. You might also make your own oil mixture. If you have an olive oil, cosmetic intermediate products and natural oils, it will be easy to make your own mixture for nail care. Coconut, jojoba, almond and argan oils will be most useful. You can enrich the mixture by adding vitamins A or E and keratin.

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