Best Brow Lamination Kit – BEAUTY RANKING – For Always Perfectly-Styled  Eyebrows

Can you perform brow lamination at home? Of course! All you need to do is to stock up on a good DIY lamination kit and easily create your favorite eyebrow styling. Especially for you, we have prepared a ranking of the best brow lamination kits for home use, so you can create your dream brow look for any occasion.

best kit for eyebrow lamination

What is brow lamination?

This is a popular treatment that involves styling brow hairs and fixing them in the right position and shape. Depending on the susceptibility of the eyebrows, the effects of lamination can last from 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your eyebrows at all. It’s an ideal option for any person, whether you have thin, sparse eyebrows or whether they are unruly and hard to manage. Eyebrow lamination is a good alternative to many other eyebrow styling methods.

Eyebrows following the lamination treatment – what do they look like?

Eyebrows after lamination are smooth, lifted, separated, and maintain an ideal shape for up to 6 weeks. If you need it, the treatment can be complemented with brow tinting – a great combination! Remember to take proper care of your eyebrows after the treatment, i.e. remember not to wet them 24 hours after the procedure, and apply moisturizing oils at night. Then, the effects will last as long as possible!

A dream brow look for any occasion – the best brow lamination kit -BEAUTY RANKING

1. Nanobrow Lamination Kit

best brow lamination kit

Where to buy it:, online and regular beauty stores

A professional kit for brow lamination at home, which comes at an attractive price considering its quality and efficiency. This is a kit recommended for any woman who wants to improve the shape of her eyebrows in an easy way. It works perfectly both in DIY brow lamination at home and in professional beauty salons. This eyebrow lamination kit is eagerly recommended by professionals! It contains everything you need to perform the lamination treatment by yourself. The effects last as long as 6 weeks after one use, and the kit is enough for 10 individual treatments! This ensures many months of perfectly shaped eyebrows. The solutions have a bit of an unusual smell, but you can turn a blind eye to this, considering the phenomenal effects.

2. RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit

Where to buy it: online and in-store

A practical kit for brow lifting and lamination that’s recommended by female consumers. Unfortunately, they complain about its huge price in relation to quality and performance. The kit is complete though- it contains the necessary tools for you to carry out eyebrow lamination at home. Although it is enough for 15 treatments, the effects of one treatment last no longer than 5 weeks. In addition, this brow lift kit is enclosed in impractical packaging, which does not guarantee that the lotions will retain their properties until the next lamination. Following the treatment with this brow styling kit, the eyebrows are neatly styled, lifted, and do not require additional styling.

3. Thuya Brows

Where to buy it: selected online drugstores and beauty salons

A professional brow lamination kit which unfortunately costs a small fortune. It’s not easy to use, so it’s recommended for people who have already dealt with brow lamination at home. Laminating with this kit is time-consuming and requires a lot of skill and precision, so if you haven’t dealt with DIY lamination before, you may not achieve the expected results. This practical brow lamination kit lasts for about 8 treatments, and the effects of one last for 6 weeks. The kit includes the necessary tools for lamination. However, consider whether it’s worth buying if you’re not a pro at laminating eyebrows at home.

4. MIYA Brow Lamination Kit

Where to buy it: available both online and in in-store drugstores

An interesting starter kit for laminating eyebrows at home, which includes DIY lamination accessories and lotions. It comes at an average price in relation to quality and efficiency. The whole kit is enough for about 8 individual treatments, and the results last for 5.5 weeks. It leave sthe brows looking thicker, lifted, and gaps and cavities will not be visible. Consumers complain that the products smell too strong and the packaging is impractical. During the lamination process, it is easy to spill the liquid and it’s quite hard to scoop the product from the bottle. This at-home eyebrow lamination kit may not be suitable for everyone, especially owners of sensitive skin prone to allergies. Perform a patch test before use.

5. Fleeky BrowLift

Where to buy: available at online drugstores

A recommended at-home brow lift kit, which comes in mini and maxi versions. It costs quite a lot considering its quality and efficiency – you’ll only get about 8 treatments, while the effects of last for 5 weeks on your eyebrows. If you’re not sure if eyebrow lamination is for you, you can buy a smaller option. Unfortunately, the products come in sachets, which is impractical. One sachet lasts for about two treatments, so if you don’t do the lamination with a friend, for example, you have to throw away half the products. In addition, the very intense smell, which sensitive noses may not be able to stand, is a big downside. The complete DIY lamination kit gives a nice effect of fluffy and feathery eyebrows, which are currently in fashion. However, you can find much better kits at this price.

Eyebrow lamination – is it worth trying?

The brow lamination treatment at home is an excellent solution for anyone who does not want to waste time on daily eyebrow styling. In addition, you can do it yourself, as long as you get a good kit for brow lamination at home. Thanks to the lamination treatment, eyebrows are no longer unruly, and become nicely shaped, lifted, and visually thicker. If you need it, eyebrow lamination works well with brow tinting. It’s worth choosing a recommended kit for brow lamination and lift at home because it’s a huge time and money saver that you would otherwise have to spend on visiting your beautician. Our ranking should help you choose the best at-home lamination kit to make you a pro at eyebrows. Get started today!