Where to get lashes done? Beauty parlour treatments vs. Home treatments

Some women are supporters of wearing false eyelashes whereas the others prefer to take care of the natural ones. Which option is better? Where should we get our eyelashes done to be sure that they will look beautiful and won’t become damaged with time?

It wasn’t that long time ago when eyelash care and styling were taken to a whole new level. More and more often we tend to reach for products which once used to be hard-to-get [the best example are eyelash serums – it’s worth testing one of the most frequently recommended]. Also, offers of beauty salons, where we can undergone professional eyelash treatments, have become significantly wider. On the other hand, there are women who still apply and suggest using home methods to improve look of eyelashes. What does serve lashes better?

Professional treatments for eyelashes

A visit in a beauty parlour is no longer limited to fingernail and complexion treatments only. Nowadays, such places also offer professional eyelash treatments – either beautifying or conditioning. The choice is wide. What kind of treatment can we expose our eyelashes to?

– Henna the main aim of which is to define the colour of eyelashes.
– Application of false eyelashes (various methods) in order to boost volume and emphasize the look.
– Eyelash perm, also known as eyelash lifting, in order to obtain permanent effect of curled eyelashes.
– Eyelash tinting which depends on applying semi-permanent mascaras.
– Eyelash lamination that combines curl fix, nourishment and darkening.

Home eyelash care

All of the above-mentioned treatments are popular, indeed, but each of them is directly connected with associated costs. The procedures need to be reapplied on the regular basis which makes women turn to home methods of beautifying lashes more willingly. Therefore, if we know which substances our lashes need to grow properly, there’s nothing standing in our way to deliver them in our daily eyelash care. What are the home methods of taking care of eyelashes?

– Eyelash oiling with the use of, for example, castor oil or olive oil.
– Coating eyelashes with petroleum jelly or glycerine to provide moisture.
– Application of eyelash serums which take care of eyelashes in a comprehensive way and accelerate their growth.

What’s the best place to condition eyelashes?

Home eyelash care seems to be more beneficial option. Firstly, it’s much cheaper because the cost of a good eyelash serum doesn’t exceed the price of a single treatment at a beautician’s. Secondly, professional eyelash serums work maximally effectively and the results of the treatment are often considerably better than the false eyelash extensions. Thirdly, thanks to home treatments, we improve condition of lashes whereas procedures carried out at a beauty parlour’s are supposed to enhance eyelash look immediately no matter the cost (which means that the improved look of eyelashes may be just temporary).