Eyelashes – What makes them weak and what makes them strong

Eyelash loss is a completely normal thing to happen. If we manage to maintain so-called ‘care balance’ – so if we strengthen the lashes and limit the factors that contribute to their weakening – lashes will say ‘thank you’ with their softness, shine and flexibility.

How to take care of lashes? In order to do it the right way, you need to know two things. Firstly, recognize what do harm to lashes. Secondly, find out what they need to grow well. It frequently turns out that we aren’t aware of the danger and, on the other side, we don’t know how to take care of lashes properly. We approach this issue very perfunctorily.

Negative factors. What makes eyelashes weak?

It’s worth refraining from undergoing procedures like application of false eyelash extensions. Indeed, they are a great temporary solution because such treatments define look almost immediately. Unfortunately, clusters of false extensions and synthetic adhesives are far from being beneficial to natural hair. They can cause irritations and, in the long run, significantly contribute to deteriorating eyelash condition.

Less invasive, yet equally worth being limited, are all the procedures connected with applying day to day make-up. The sworn enemy of lashes is an eyelash curler which, if used inappropriately or too frequently, can break and permanently buckle lashes. A slightly better option that can be used instead of an eyelash curler or false leash extensions is application of disposable stripe lashes. Despite being less damaging, stripe lashes are quite a load for natural lashes and can irritate.

Healthy lashes grow only form neat skin. The most crucial here is precise cleansing therefore resigning from removing make-up can be disastrous. For that reason, make-up must be taken off every evening with the use of delicate products or oils, without jerking or rubbing eyelashes. The residues of colour cosmetics left on eyelids may lead to inflammations and hinder eyelash regenerative processes.

Methods of nourishing. What makes eyelashes stronger?

One of the categories belongs to home methods of making lashes stronger, and these depends on taking advantage of the easily accessible ingredients like olive oil, castor oil or petroleum jelly. Natural oils supply lashes with essential vitamins and minerals as well as take care of hydration. Applying natural oils to lashes is a good way to reinforce them. Following a well-balanced diet is yet another method that might improve condition of lashes significantly.

The ultimate method of strengthening eyelashes is professional cosmetics use. A good serum contains everything what is crucial for every day care, and these are nourishing, protective and growth stimulating substances. Effective action delivered by eyelash serums is the result of concentrating the best and the strongest conditioning substances and put them into a formula that is absorbed by skin very fast. Owning to the proper consistency, ingredients and an application method, eyelash serums don’t only reinforce lashes and regenerate them but also accelerate their growth, slow down falling out, extend, add body, increase flexibility and gift natural lashes with shine.