Eye Makeup Tips: How to make your eyes look bigger or add more dimension?

It’s a tricky task to make the eyes stand out or look more alluring. On one hand, we have the whole arsenal of color cosmetics at our disposal but, on the other, we aren’t sure which products in particular to reach for. Bewildered by the possibilities, we still don’t know how to apply makeup correctly to add depth and dimension to the eyes.

Undoubtedly, eye makeup can work wonders. Knowing the right tricks, you can draw attention to the eyes, make them look bigger and even change their shape! What to begin with? First, you should define both your eye type and its shape. Once you do this, you will understand which color cosmetics may give you the desired effect. Keep reading to learn how to apply eye makeup at home.

Close Set Eyes: How to do makeup to eyes that are close together?

Those ladies whose eyes are close together should always apply some light eye shadow to the inner corners of the eyes. With this simple trick you accomplish three tasks: the eyes look brighter, bigger and drawn away. The inner corners of the eyes should be accentuated with dark shades. The color should be stretched outwards. If you aren’t sure how to do it correctly, so when you’re a beginner, try using some stencils. Such items will guide you and help you understand what suits you best.

It’s also worth realizing that mascara can be your lash stylist too. Add an extra coating to the lashes growing in the outer corner of the eyes.

Last tip for close set eyes is that the dark shades have to be applied from the middle of the eyelid and spread to the outer corner. If you cover the entire eyelid with a dark shade, you will bring the eyes ever closer.

Wide Set Eyes: How to do makeup to eyes that are wide apart from each other?

In the case of wide set eyes, the trick is to narrow the gap between the peepers. The thing is that it’s a little more challenging because using the reverse method to the close set eyes explained above won’t work. Applying dark shades to the inner corners of the eyes and using light shadows to the outer corners would make you look tired. Therefore, if you want to look alluring, dust the inner corners with a nude shade, best if matte, and cover the remaining three-fourth part of the eyelid with a darker beige shade.

It’s also worth remembering to bring out the crease of the eyelid with some dark beige shade. Also, try defining the lower eyelid but don’t cross the upper and lower lines in the inner corners of the eyes. It’s also a good idea to use a beige eye pencil to outline the inner corner of the eye.

Makeup tricks to reduce big eyes

Big eyes can appear smaller due to smoky makeup. If you want to reduce your big eyes in size, try mastering the art of using some soft eye pencils such as kajal and various blenders (sponges). Gently smudged line running around the eyes works wonders. Grab some black eye pencil and draw a line that stretches upwards to create almond-shaped eyes. Furthermore, dark shadows are perfect for big eyes, which can’t be said about pearl and shimmering shades.

Easy daily makeup? Reach for a black eye pencil and apply it along the waterline. Also, when using dark shades, make sure that you apply the most intensive color at the lash line. Later, stretch it upwards to create a kind of cat look. Now, let’s focus on the eyebrows. Use a nude shade to brighten them up. The last step is mascara. Make sure that you coat the eyelashes evenly.

Makeup tricks to make small eyes bigger

Small eyes don’t look flattering with heavy makeup. Dark eye pencil won’t surely give you the effect of open and bigger eyes. Instead, go either for some nude or gray colors. If you’re wondering which eye palette to choose, go for the one housing shimmering shades because they make the eyes look bigger and help you add some dimension. The outer corner of the eye should be brought out with some vivid color – apply it above the crease. The middle part of the eyelid makes the perfect place for some bright pearl shade. This trick is supposed to get your eyes to look bigger. When it comes to the waterline, you can enhance it using either white or nude eye pencil.

The good news is that if you’re a fan of dark colors, you can use them but only to the upper eyelid. Still, I’d be better if you tried avoiding dark colors. You will create better results with gray, silver or brown pencil by drawing a line with it along the upper lashes. Try stretching it and flip it upwards.

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