Best hair styles for your face shape

How to choose a hair style to enhance your face shape?

Probably most of us, women, want to look perfect. We all like when the eye make-up matches the new dress, while the manicure should match the handbag. Some girls take a step further and choose a hairstyle to suit the shape of their face. How to do it?

Before you go to the salon and explain your vision of your desired hairstyle, take a moment to determine the shape of your face. You might want to check whether your cheekbones are enhanced, your face is round or maybe your forehead too high. Look in the mirror, on your face from, all angles and decide what shape it is. Then select the appropriate hairstyle. If you are not sure what shape is your face you can follow a simple trick. Tie your hair completely back and standing in from of the mirror, try to draw the outline of your face.

hairstyle for you face shapeWhen it comes to the oval shape of the face, almost every hair style fits to it. Why? By most of the hairdressers that sort of face is considered to be ideal. So in order to flatter all your features you can feel free to make any hair style you want. This face shape will suit both hair of medium and long length as well as curls or waves, even a very fashionable this season, low bob. Women who have round face should try to optically lengthen it by selecting the appropriate hairstyle. Their hair cannot be shorter than the line of the jaw. The most suitable haircut will be: long and straight hair, long side swept bangs or curled long hair combed back into a pony tail. If you have a diamond face shape, try to soften its features. The key is to cover the prominent cheekbones and a pointed chin. You can select one of the following hairstyles: a dense fringe and curls, short hair in the pixie style or medium-length hair parted on the left or right side of the head.

In order to flatter a heart-shaped or triangular face the best match will be a simple and yet elegant hairstyle. When choosing the right hairstyle, make sure to put more emphasis on the eyes and cheeks. Layered, curly or wavy hair of medium length will be a good idea. Even a ponytail on one side of your head will look fashionably. Women who have a square or rectangular face, may style as follows: depending on your preference, curl or completely straighten your hair, layer the hair or style a bob with bangs. Such hairstyles should soften facial features and what is also important, visually slim the face and hide the chin and cheekbones.

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