Timotei Precious Oils Mist. Way to beautify hair

Precious oils to serve thin and delicate hair. Effective and paraben-free hair care. Beautifying hair mist to protect your strands during styling. This is what adequately describes Timotei Precious Oils with argan and almond oil as well as jasmine extract. Learn more!

This beautifying mist by Timotei, which bases its action on oils, is a product that can be applied to any type of hair; which means that the cosmetic is universal. Although universality isn’t always good, in this case, it serves its purpose. The mist can be put on thick and dark hair as well as fair, delicate and thin strands. In each case, this cosmetic is supposed to deliver equally good results because it’s light and doesn’t leave any greasy coats on hair.

What makes this product good? Timotei Precious Oils Mist contains six natural vegetable oils which reinforce the outer protective layer of hair, but they can also penetrate inside the strands and strengthen hair from their bulbs to the ends. Which oils can be found here? Argan oil, almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil and maze oil. Apart from these oils, the product contains jasmine flower extract and Abyssinian myrrh resin. The most important action of Timotei Precious Oils is delivered by:

1. Argan oil – heat protection;
2. Almond oil – gifts hair with softness and prevents frizz;
3. Jasmine extract – adds shine and improves elasticity.

0% parabens – Does it stand for nature?

The first thing pointed out by the producer is the paraben-free composition. This information is located in a very visible place on the label. Does it mean that Timotei Precious Oils Mist offers truly natural support for hair? Conscious consumers will find harmful alcohols placed at the top of the ingredient list. These can intensify dehydration of hair instead of combating it. And this is considered as the biggest flaw of this product.