Best Hair Heat Protection Products. Check the PRO Brands [ranking]

An experienced hairdresser knows which treatment suits a certain hair type to help it become shiny and healthy-looking. They also know the risk posed by heat styling, and therefore they use the right tricks to isolate the hair from the high temperatures. What are these tricks? Heat protection products. And what products do hairdressers use? Only the best ones! Below you will find a ranking of heat protection sprays used by top hairdressers.

The finest hair stylists know how to match cosmetics with each hair type. In this way they are able to create fabulous hairstyles that last for long hours. This also includes using products that protect the strands from hot tools, such as a curling wand, blow dryer and straightener. Taking advantage of their up-to-date knowledge, we have prepared the below ranking of the best hair heat protection products commonly used in hair salons worldwide. 

Good quality heat protectants used by hairdressers

In the case of heat protectants, such products’ main aim is to protect the hair from the negative effects of high temperatures by forming a kind of coating over each individual hair. Hairdressers can recognize the best hair products by looking at the list of ingredients. The professionals reach for cosmetics that are rich in nutrients and moisturizing agents. It’s worth realizing that heat protection sprays used by hairdressers must also offer other properties such as making hair more manageable to ease styling. 

When a product combines these three qualities, there’s a high chance it will find its place in a hair salon so the hairdressers easily create stunning hairstyles – full of volume and shiny. 

It may seem that such results can be achieved only in hair salons. But is it? Keep reading to check which hair heat protection products will give you the salon-worthy effects at home.

Best hair heat protection products recommended by professional hairstylists

nanoil Heat Protectant Spray

1. Nanoil Heat Protection Spraythe best heat shield for hair

On the top, an absolute must-have and this year’s discovery. It turns out that the heat protection spray available on has everything to be used in the best hair salons, being at the same time cheap enough for a regular buyer. The formula contains silk proteins that fix damage, increasing hair resistance to heat and adding shine. They also are good at taming unruly wisps, preventing color fading and getting rid of frizz. The spray also has vitamin E – a strong antioxidant having an extra moisturizing effect. When combined together, all the ingredients used in Nanoil Heat Protectant Spray take good care of hair, keeping it safe as you heat style it – the shield endures 440 degrees Fahrenheit. Another plus that shouldn’t be missed out is the fact that this product is easy to spread on the strands and doesn’t weigh hair down, meaning it helps you create voluminous blowouts easily.

2. Essential Haircare Melu Hair Shield Davines

heat protectant for styling

Davines is a well-known cosmetic brand that enjoys high recognition over the world. All of their hair care products are formulated with high quality ingredients, combined together to deliver specified results. None of their cosmetics contain sulfates or parabens. Neither does Essential Haircare Melu Hair Shield. This super lightweight mist is designed for long and over-processed hair to protect against damage caused by high temperatures given off by a blow dryer or flat iron. Interestingly, with this product you can also shield the strands against mechanical damage, preventing splitting. Both serine and glutamic acid make strands nourished and repaired. The only downside is the price that is simply too high for some people.

3. Rain Dance Thermo Active Repair Artego

reconstructing and protective liquid for hair

Here is another hair care brand that offers a heat protection cosmetic enriched with impressive ingredients. The key ingredients in Rain Dance Thermo Active Repair Artego are keratin and amino acids. They are responsible for reversing damage in hair. Castor oil offers deep nourishment and a soother appearance. The formula also includes olive oil, Spanish artichoke oil and glycerin. Together they leave strands less brittle because they are moisturized. What is more, Rain Dance Thermo Active Repair Artego diverts high temperature and prevents frizz. To enjoy these effects, you need to know how to apply this product correctly. Put it on wet hair, and use a comb to distribute the protectant evenly over the strands. Now you can create a blowout.

4. Kemon Heat Spray 13

thermo-protective spray

Kemon is another world-recognized cosmetic brand whose products are used in top hair salons. Recognized among hair stylists, Heat Spray 13 offers a super lightweight yet strong heat protection for all hair types. The good news is that it also delivers nutrients for instantly better-looking hairstyles. Despite its rich formula, the product doesn’t deprive hair of volume, and the finish it creates looks amazing. The active ingredients whose aim is to provide heat protection during styling also lock moisture inside the hair, which results in more elastic and shinier strands. One of the ingredients, which is grape seed extract, is rich in procyanidins. This means that the hair is also shielded against UV. If you think your hair deserves such high protection, prepare yourself for spending quite a penny for this product.

5. Montibello Decode Smooth Perfection

protecting smoothing spray

Even though this brand isn’t as popular as the other brands mentioned in this ranking, the results Decode Smooth Perfection delivers are highly satisfactory. This heat protectant promotes smooth strands by creating an invisible coating on the hair that isolates it from the heat – you can use a curling iron or blow dryer causing zero damage to the strands. When applied evenly all over the hair, Montibello Decode Smooth Perfection reduces the problem of frizz by increasing hair resistance to humidity. This protectant suits all hair types, including the most demanding ones. How do we know? Because it doesn’t drag hair down, but makes it soft and prevents splitting. It’s even able to fix a hairstyle.

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