Highlighting Foam Strips – A Game-Changer In Multi-Layered Hair Colouring

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips – A Game-Changer In Multi-Layered Hair Colouring
Are you following the latest hairdressing trends? Then it’s time to introduce Highlighting Foam Strips to your hair salon! It’s a breakthrough in multi-layered hair colouring.

The Maltese ColorCuts brand has created thermal strips for every hair colouring technique:

  • classic colouring,
  • multi-layered colouring,
  • ombre,
  • sombre,
  • balayage,
  • flamboyage,
  • reflections,
  • highlights.

Say goodbye to the aluminium foil to lighten your clients’ hair. Unfortunately, many hairdressers make the same mistake. The foil in combination with hair bleach can cause damage, hair loss and dryness. Burnt hair is a result of an oxidiser combined with the aluminium. The high temperature makes the bleach work quickly and aggressively, penetrating deep into the hair structure. The chemical treatment strips the hair of moisture from within.

You can minimise damage by choosing the gentle for the hair Highlighting Foam Strips. These thermal foam strips optimise the hair temperature, ensuring the ultimate comfort for your clients.

What makes ColorCuts stand out in the hairdressing market?

The strips are created from a lightweight material that’s gentle on the hair and easily adapts to the shape of the hand. The unique foam strips work especially well on thin and weak hair. Ordinary aluminium foil can’t match them in either look or performance. The strips don’t rip, pull the hair or damage hair or skin. No more discomfort!

Foam strips are non-irritating and don’t rustle. They can reduce the colouring time up to half, so you can to take on more clients throughout the day.

They’re made of fully biodegradable and eco-friendly material that is 80% recycled. The strips are machine-washable and reusable up to 3 times without losing their top quality. A box of 200 strips lasts for up to 600 uses. The ready to use 100×305 mm strips can be folded and cut as you wish and are recyclable.

Highlighting Foam Strips provide the ultimate comfort of work both for professionals and beginners. They are a comfortable alternative to aluminium foil and guarantee a much faster colouring procedure without the risk of damaging the hair. These extremely comfortable, polystyrene foam strips can streamline the workflow of your entire team.

ColorCuts strips ensure full control of your colouring process. They insulate heat and ensure air circulation between the layers. You can be sure that the hair is safe and the colour will come out exactly as you wanted. The semi-transparent material gives you the freedom to make touch-ups and provides 100% control over the colouring process.

highlighting foam strips

The colourful strips help you distinguish the shades used to avoid any mistakes. The colourful foam strips are much more eye-catching than the impractical aluminium foil. The material provides a special and comfortable colouring treatment for you and your clients.

Do you want to:

Stand out from the competition?

Gain more satisfied clients?

Use eco-friendly materials in your work?

Perform safe and modern hairstyles?

Choose Highlighting Foam strips – hairdressing accessories made especially for you! Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.