The Night Hair Care. Cosmetics, tips and tricks

Everyone knows that night is the best time to regenerate your hair. Therefore, it is so important to use cosmetics containing natural ingredients, which will immediately and thoroughly work. And if you desire even better results, try a few reliable tips and tricks.

Evening or morning hair care is not always so effective. Washing your hair in a rush, drying it quickly or sleeping with wet strands or even leaving a mask or conditioner for 10 minutes only can just worsen the condition of the hair and irritate the scalp. Then you really start to worry and seek for appropriate cosmetics. Unfortunately, sometimes it may be too late. If you notice that your hair is dry and falls out, the ends are split and scalp becomes oily very quickly, it is the best time to start your new night care.

Before you begin the proper treatment, wash your hair thoroughly. This will help to let all the nutrients contained in the products, be absorbed better. Remember about combing your hair in order to get rid of any tangles and knots. Then, mix a small amount of your favourite shampoo with water and apply on the scalp. Massage with your fingertips until you create nice foam. At the end of the treatment, rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water. This procedure will close the hair cuticles. If you use a conditioner, apply it from the mid-length hair, but never on the scalp. Then, rinse your hair thoroughly. Drain off the excess of water with a paper towel, comb your hair with a widely spaced toothed comb and follow by blow-drying. It is important to set the dryer function on the cool air flow.

For the night time, apply the hair mask on your hair. It is advisable to always apply cosmetics on clean and damp strands. If you want, you can lightly dry your hair, and then tie it in a loose braid or bun. One may wonder why masks are so effective? The key components are usually vegetable oils, vitamins and proteins. Thanks to these ingredients your hair will be smooth, shiny and what is also important, easier to comb. You might as well use a serum. That kind of product will perfectly suit not only the ends of the hair, but also the entire length of the strands. Moreover, a more concentrated formula of the serum provides better results. After using this product regularly, your hair will become healthier, stronger, more resilient and more beautiful.

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