The scalp – how to take care of it when its dry, irritated or with excess sebum?

Taking care of the scalp is one of the basic aspects of hair care. The scalp “holds” the hair bulbs and if it is in bad condition – hair will suffer as well. That is why it is worth paying a bit more attention during hair care. Today we want to present the hair care routine that goes a bit beyond the regular hair wash. Check out what your scalp likes and how to take care of it in order to have healthy, strong, and beautiful hair.


The scalp condition impacts how your hair looks like. The hair loss or greasy roots is closely related to the scalp condition. The lack of proper care or use of incorrect cosmetics can often cause scalp dryness and that translates into dryness and brittleness of the hair.

What worsens the scalp condition?

  • UV radiation – not just the body but also the scalp reacts badly to long-lasting sun exposure. You will notice it, particularly when you have fair hair.
  • Frequent colorization with products containing ammonia causes scalp irritations.
  • High temperatures when you dry hair causes water loss and make the scalp suffer from dryness or to produce excess sebum (to protect itself from the said dryness).
  • The use of cosmetics for hair stylization (foam and hair spray) in large amounts.
  • The allergic reaction to substances contained in shampoo or dye.
  • Overheating the scalp under the hat (excess sebum as a result).
  • Atmospheric factors: freeze and wind.
  • Incorrect diet or insufficient amount of water intake during the day.

Cheatsheet – the allergy triggering and irritation causing substances

  • Parafenylenodiamina (PPD)
  • Nickel
  • Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS)
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB)
  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Fragrances

How to take care of the scalp?

1. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in your hair care cosmetics, you will observe small bumps on the skin which sadly may also appear on the face, e.g. by the ears, because the skin in this area often has contact with the product when you rinse the hair. In order to avoid it check the composition of cosmetics and stay away from cosmetics with intense fragrances.

2. Choose mild shampoos that take care also of the skin and can be safely used even by people with sensitive skin.

3. Go for a professional exfoliator for the scalp and hair that will effectively remove all the pollution and sebum as well as dead skin cells. The exfoliator unclogs the follicles of the hair and restores the scalp balance while helping it with hair loss and dandruff problems. The professional exfoliator makes skin able to breathe.

4. Remember to always apply the conditioner or hair mask to the hair and not the scalp – poorly washed down cosmetics will gather on the scalp and will cause dryness and irritation. All sorts of hair masks and conditioners always apply from half of the hair length downwards.

5. Go for professional moisturizing treatment for the scalp and hair at the hair salon – it is worth considering especially after the winter season when hair condition is worsened. Sometimes you need to make a few of them every week or two weeks of hair and scalp are very dry.

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