How to get ready for sunbathing?

Summer is getting closer and closer. We start to wear dresses, skirts and strap t-shirts. We want our skin to be both tanned and healthy. How to make it happen? Luckily, there are tried and tested ways of safe and effective sunbathing. Find out which treatments to do before holidays and which ones should be avoided.

Mesotherapy – a treatment which moisturizes face, neck and neckline and prepares them for sunbathing. The treatment consists in the hydration of the deepest layers of the skin. In this way, it eliminates wrinkles, discolouration, dry cuticles and other imperfections caused by skin aging, too long sunbathing or skin damages and irritations which result from completely different factors. Injecting the face with botulinum toxin is a treatment which makes the skin firm and tightens face muscles. Mesotherapy and botulinum toxin injections can be performed three weeks before the plannned vacation. During sun-exposure, we should avoid some medicine and herbs. Why? They can cause photoallergic reaction and post-sun discolouration. If you can’t resign from antibiotics, use sunscreen with high sun protection factor.

In order to sunbathe safely and choose suitable conditioning and protective cosmetics, it’s worth to determine our skin phototype. According to Thomas Fitzpatrick’s scale, there are six phototypes. People with Type I phototype (pale complexion, blue eyes, blonde hair) should always use sunscreens, wear broad-brimmed hats and cover legs and arms. Such skin burns very easily. People with Type II (slightly darker complexion) can sunbathe but should rememeber about protecting the skin with proper cosmetics. People representing other phototypes tan very easily and are remotely exposed to sunburn, discolouration or other imperfections. Of course, sunprotection is still needed.

Choosing a sunscreen is not so simple. 50 SPF provides an optimal protection. Such product protects the skin from UVA and UVB radiation. Products containing chemical and physical filtres will work well. Marks, moles and scars should be provided with special protection. You can cover them with a plaster or apply thick layer of sunscreen.

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