2. Lilash eyelash conditioner

lilash-eyelash-serumLilash eyelash conditioner is a good product for quite a good price. Subtle, silver packaging comes with quite a good brush that precisely doses the product. Lilash is well absorbed into the skin and does not drip from the lashline. It also gains approval for the fact that it was released in two different capacities. It is a good way to test the product on your skin and check whether it will irritate the eye. Simply buy the smaller version of it. Smaller volume of Lilash conditioner is sufficient for approx. 4 months and the larger one lasts about 6. Lilash eyelash conditioner is solidly constructed, the brush does not stratify, bristles do not bend even after several months of use. An additional advantage is that the effects of the conditioner can be seen already after about 4 to 5 weeks. You can then record a slight increase in volume and length of your lashes. After 8-10 weeks, it is clear that Lilash eyelash conditioner has fulfilled its main task: eyelashes are longer and healthier, grow more densely, regained the optimum level of moisture, do not get damage during make-up removal. We are pleased to say that Lilash eyelash conditioner has proven itself in many ways.

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