6. Prolash eyelash conditioner

prolash-eyelash-conditionerProlash eyelash conditioner is quite often chosen by women. It has a slightly larger volume in comparison to other products in this range. Prolash conditioner requires a bit more regularity and perseverance during application: it is to be used 3 times a day. The brush is in the form of an eyeliner and ensures that the cosmetic reaches where it should be, in order to strengthen the roots of your eyelashes. Prolash eyelash conditioner runs out quickly, therefore for a full treatment, three bottles of the product are necessary. The effects are visible rather quickly, because the first one (darker eyelashes) appears after 4 weeks. The brush is standard, its bristles are very flexible. The product requires about 20 minutes to be completely absorbed into the interior. After completing the entire treatment, longer eyelashes are clearly visible. Furthermore, Prolash eyelash conditioner makes them nicely darkened and slightly curled upwards. Such effects makes the cosmetic more attractive. Conditioner comes in a nice, clear bottle, through which you can clearly see how much product is left or whether it begun to oxidise or go bad under the influence of strong light.

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