4. Quickmax eyelash conditioner

quickmaxQuickmax eyelash conditioner delights with nice, golden packaging that attracts the eye. 5 ml of the product is the right amount that allows you to complete the entire treatment. However, to maintain the effect of longer eyelashes you should buy another bottle. Quickmax eyelash conditioner works rather quickly – after a month of use, you can see that the eyelashes are slightly darker and became stronger. They do not fall out when removing make-up. Eyelash growth is noticeable after more or less 3 months. The product has a solid brush and the application does not cause any problems. Moreover, in eyelash care, consistency and patience are extremely important. Only then, you can look forward to a visible improvement of the condition of your lashes. After application, wait about 15 minutes because Quisckmax conditioner must be absorbed by the skin of the eyelid

Women also appreciate the fact that Quickmax eyelash conditioner does not cost very much and when used regularly, it improves the appearance of your eyebrows (hairs will become more hydrated). Quickmax serum is enough for half a year. Nevertheless, due to an improper use, the brush can begin to stratify before the product runs out. Quickmax eyelash conditioner has definitely gained out attention.

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